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Are You Seeking Someone?

Friday, February 29, 2008

If you ask any couple around about the secret formula for finding true soul mates, there are actually none prescribed, which can work for all. If there is anything that can be said which is common to all, it is the connection that one feels for another. How to find that connection is such a mystery because what works for one couple may not necessarily be the same for another.
The safest criteria to set when laying down the foundation of any relationship is the common field of experience that both persons share: values, morals and sometimes beliefs shared
These days, it is easier to look for common field of experiences for couples. Being outgoing with extensive social networking and fellowship for meeting spiritual people just like attending different gatherings, parties, events and even chatting with fellows online can lead to meeting more variety of people, thus widening one’s perspective about relationships. It is not easy to look for a perfect partner but there is really no rush in doing so. I guess what holds true is the saying or quotation which goes: you do not look for a perfect partner, but rather you work to be a perfect partner. Do you agree?

Lawyer in Me

Friday, February 29, 2008

I like watching television. I like criminal investigations and law-related stories or series. You see I wanted to become a lawyer when i was younger.Thus, I like what I read in Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Blog | California Criminal Law Forum .
As a frustrated lawyer myself, reading and sharing about law-related ideas are such a pleasure to be engaged with. Not only I learn about the nitty-gritty details of law, I am also being made aware about the latest trends in criminal law and courtroom strategies.

I will be home alone today. My husband is at work because he has a whole day business meeting to network his business. My kids will be joining their cousins for an outing; they will play online games in the computer shop of my siblings. They are actually excited about the idea because it is not every week that such activities happen.

I am actually waiting for the laundry woman to come. She contacted me last Monday that she will come today. However, it has been 5 hours of waiting yet she is not yet here. I assume she will not come anymore.

People are really unpredictable, right? Just like my laundry woman, she says one thing and does another. And this is not the first time that she committed such mistake. What pisses me off is she just will not say that she cannot come. She always say she will come, but she does the opposite.

Just in time I was searching for affordable and durable laptops, I came across a suitable site which will cater to my need. Last night, hubby was searching high and low for different sites and brands to choose from. It is better when he compares specs and prices so he can make a good deal.
Then lo and behold, there’s a breathtaking savings on new computer components at, Tiger Direct, PC Connection and Ironically I was the one who was able to browse this site and there are truly amazing choices for everyone. There are many choices to choose from. You will go crazy over discount codes, special promotions, bargains and great deal.
Moreover, there are many participating credible online stores which you can browse. The on-line coupon search allows buyers the freedom to click on specific technologies or gadgets to buy from popular brands.
Top stores which you can choose from include different top-of-the-market names where you can buy , new clothes , healths and beauty products and even toys for kids
I was in panic when I saw the site. With so many choices and products which range from automotive to toys to health and beauty, one will really benefit from the interactive site. So, what are we waiting for, let us grab our coupons now!

I had to prod my daughter to take a second look on my blog. She obliged and confirmed that I was not seeing a fake number. Then I called my husband to see if we were really not having optical illusions or something.
I have Page Rank 4. Yes, Mr. Google gave me PR 4 from my ranking of PR 3 for the last month…Isn’t that amazing. Isn’t that such an answered prayer and blessing now that I have a long leave of absence from work because I will do blogging to earn?
Thank you Mr. Google, for this gift of level-up in my blog’s PR. I am so happy…I was literally having a cardiac excitement.
Whew! Blessings do come in different forms, right? This blessing today came in the form of a single number…It means soooooo much to me.

Finances for My Kids

Friday, February 29, 2008

At what age do you start teaching your kids about financial management? I am still on the process of researching on this. I hope it is not too late because I have three kids ages 10, 8 and 5. It is still a learning process for me. I want to know how to do it because the concept would benefit my kids in the long run.
I have never been taught how to manage finances. It has been a trial and error method for me, and also for my husband.
I have read long ago that one cannot teach his or her child about money matters when one does not give his or her child the opportunity to handle money. Sounds practical to me; so I did this. I give them daily or sometime weekly allowance so they can budget their money. Sometimes they have extras and other times it is barely enough. On most days, my kids really spend their allowance in the days that it should be spent. So in other words, they spend what they are allowed to spend. This is a good sign knowing that it should be a paradigm that one has to live beneath his or her means, right?
I think for now I am achieving my short-term goal of teaching them about finances. However, I still have to look for ways to teach them how to be effective with finances in the long term.
As long as they see my example of not spending in gargantuan proportions, it is safe. But my friend, who is also learning how to manage with finances, has to resort to Faxless Payday Loans to make ends meet. It is good there are available Faxless Payday Loans, or less she will go bonkers!

Yesterday hubby decided to spend the day with me. Even if we do that frequently, I still find it blissful to have my hubby beside me all day. You know why, it is priceless to be around with the people who matters to us most, right? That’s irreplaceable quality time.

We toured around with his motorcycle. We ate fries and burgers and chattered the moments away. We window-shopped for laptops because we badly need one for his business and also for my new-found career: blogging! We compared prices and specs online and locally.

It was fun. It was a carefree day. I felt a little guilty but happy at the same time. I know we cannot afford to do this every week but still I anticipate for another day like this.


Friday, February 29, 2008

Starting next month it will be a different tune of lifestyle for me. Yay! I will not be doing the same old things I have been doing since (what feels like) eternity. I will be out of my work after I would have my leave of absence approved. Hopefully, things will run as planned by me and hubby. Hopefully, I will be less grumpy and more challenged with my new arrangements.
Since a leave without pay will definitely affect our finances, I am thinking of starting a new business. I am still being definite what kind of business would it be. Of course I will do something which I like. Then, my planned business should be something that has a market niche. Aside from regular blogging, the business that I have in mind will for sure keep me busy.
Now, the next problem will be the financial capital I need, to keep the business started and rolling. I have to make sure that it will bring profits so that I can rely on the business as a source of family income.
Commercial Mortgage can truly be the source of capital. There are those which offer low interest and fast processing.
I will try it, as the start of something new.


Friday, February 29, 2008

My eldest has been bugging me that she be allowed to blog. At ten, i am having second thoughts allowing her. However, i see thirteen year olds earning thru blog already. I do not like to follow trend, i am just being protective of her.
I told her she will need more time to think and prepare what to write about. Subconsciously, it is really me who would like to be prepared. I know the net is not that "favorable" to a young mind sometimes, if not oftentimes. There are just some things that have to be filtered before immersing her into the blogging world.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometimes it is humanly difficult to live beneath my means. I say it is difficult, but it can be done. With so many temptations bombarding me everyday, ready for instant acquisitions, it takes great will-power to resist. Thus, most people are really into credits. These days, it is easier to restart with your credit history because even those with history of credit card - bad credit can still avail of loans online.

Still Anxious

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do you ever feel anxious? That's how I feel right now, that i will take my leave of absences from work Is that natural?
You see, i have been into this for twelve years already. And that is why it is hard for me to uproot myself from NOT doing what i usually do. But change has to happen if it is for the better, right?
With fingers crossed and eyes closed, i know i need this. I have been patient and kind to my family all my life, it think it is just fair to give myself a break now. What do you think?

The Good and Bad Stories

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometime last year, a family friend of ours was on her way to the city thru public transport. She was with her four kids to attend a birthday party of a relative. As they were crossing the pedestrian lane, a motorcycle came rushing by amid a stop sign warning. In a split second she and her youngest daughter were hit. In a split second she found herself lying flat on her stomach after slamming her head on the concrete road. Same scenario happened to her daughter. They were rushed to the hospital and stitches were done on her forehead. Sad, right?
What is the good news: there was nothing wrong with her daughter. After a few hours she was up and playing already. The bad news, however, is her case. After months of headache and pains, the doctor found a crack on her skull. According to the doctor she will heal in due time, the natural way. But for sure it has affected her life. She could not find employment for now because of the pain. However, Accident Compensation saved her financially because she has a health insurance. That made it easier to facilitate the medical expenses. Thank God, she has that!

I have finally decided to take an indefinite leave from work without pay. My husband allowed me to take this rest. I need to.
It will affect our finances but that is what i need for now. I just need to juggle what is left with our savings until such time that i can earn regularly again.
Although i can earn online for now. That is for sure. I can look for many online opportunities for th meantime. Rest will revive my sagging work from work.

Baby, You can Drive My Car

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do you remember my blog about a blessing coming our way in a form of a car? Yes, a kind hearted individual gave us a car for free! Free means it came newly registered, newly tuned up and for us for life! Isn’t that amazing? Who these days will give cars for free? I think only a few can afford that.
Now that the car is ours maintaining a lifestyle with a car is another story but solely dependent on how we juggle our finances. It is not that easy to maintain a car given our income. In fact, in the recent news in UK states that :“50% of motorist put fuel at least once a week” and that others resort to Secured Loans to be able to finance to purchase or maintain their vehicles. Maintenance would mean petrol or gas, tax and other expenses that go with having a vehicle, repairs perhaps.
Last weekend, we were aboard the car when we could sense some things have to be fixed. Now is the best time to juggle which repairs should be prioritized. I have to check with our finances if we can settle for slow repairs or one-shot deal. I will tell you again of the decision later.

I Watched

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did you watch the Oscar's Awards? I did not watch the program per se but I had my eyes fixed on the dresses and fashion accessories of the stars who paraded. Wow! They were all amazing.
I particularly like those who wore red gowns like Heidee Klum and Anne Hathaway. Even if the carpet is the color as their gowns, it did not matter. They were still knock-outs.
How I wish I could have watched it on the venue. Well, i m not such a show business person but I am just fascinated with how these people live up to fashion.

No Worry

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It is better to be poor during the earlier part of life than to experience bankruptcy at the dawn or latter years of one’s life, right? I think it is always better to start from zero and end in ten than to experience a downfall in finances. Living a life of a pauper in the beginning and ending up as a prince or princess is better than experiencing the other way around.
That will be traumatic. That will take a whole lot of adjustment in terms of social, economical and psychological aspects of life.
That, however, can be prevented. If one will just live beneath one’s means or finances, life will be better off. Ironically, how does one learn how to live beneath one’s means? How does one control impulses to buy and buy and spend some more? How tempting can material acquisition can be most of the time, right? Everyday heavy marketing and advertisements are bombarded to all consumers to different media sometimes, before one knows it, debts have accumulated and financial mismanagement happens.
Debt Management, however, is always available online these days. This will help people avoid bankruptcy. This will help many people from sinking deep into total bankruptcy.

Being Careful

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last year, my birthday gift to my dear husband is a motorcycle. No, I did not but it cash but on installment basis. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he told me to just shoulder the down payment for the motorcycle. So I did, but with agreement that we will use the motorcycle ONLY around our town.
This morning was quite a different story. He asked my permission if he could go out of town with the motorcycle. Well, he had been doing that in the past. Reluctantly, I answered affirmative; being fully aware that he needed to cause he needs to do banking task for his business clients. That was around ten thirty in the morning.But what shocked me was: he was back at around eleven in the morning. Whaaat? To and from the next town, in just thirty minutes? How fast did he drive? How risky was that?
I am very well aware that there are many recent motorcycle accidents locally. Thus, I do worry a lot for hubby when he goes over the limit of our agreement.
Of course, I do not want him doing such because he might be risking his life. I worry a lot when he does such things. Even if Personal Injury Claims are available, just in case worst happens, it is still safer to really, really, be extra careful, right?


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have become obsessed with my own thoughts. Blame it on the lack of social circle. LOL. Here is my list of ironies:

1. AS parents we give births to children, but leave them in the care of other people in daycares or nannies.

2. We work, work, work all our lives then spend all our earnings for medicines when we are sick or too stressed out from work.

3. We want "instant" things to happen: instant food, instant drinks, , instant beauty, overhaul etc...Then we wonder why our children are impatient?

4. WE spend time jogging, walking , running so we will be "fit" yet we always have the TV remote control because we are too lazy to stand up and push the TV buttons.

Well. Just simple logical ironies.

A Phone Call Away

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Profit is just a phone call away!

In this age and time, I think the phone is the most powerful tool to use, aside from the internet-able computer. As the phone evolved from the crudest looking model to the digital one, it has never run out uses or purpose. To be honest, the phone has never been out of site in the range of different technology used everyday. Seldom do you see homes, businesses, establishments or even institutions with out the phone installed.

In fact, there are so many businesses that use the phone as its primary marketing tool. Without the twenty four hour phone hotlines constant accessibility to all businesses will not be possible. Without accessibility there will be no luxury or comfort to costumers worldwide, less revenue for the businesses then consequently - no possibility of growth for business institutions.
Many businesses and clients rely on the phone: market research, appointments, Lead Generation, sales training, etc. All these make the business on its tip-top position. When businesses offer products or services and sometimes both; the telemarketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach out to clients or entertain their needs. The more people inquire about the business the more expansion or chance for the business to grow.

As a full-time working mother of 3, I have no social life to speak of. None. Sometimes, I practically just stop in the middle of any task that I am doing and ponder on the thought: Is every Mom like me?

I literally put 99% of my time and energy being with or for my family. I know, I know... most of you will say: "Have a time off and be in the relax mode. Get a life!"
But honestly speaking, I think I forgot already how it is to NOT be with my family every waking hour.

But lately , I am relaxed compared to weeks or a month ago. Thank God. Because a relaxed and cool Mom is a better parent, right?

Beds, Not Roses for Me!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My cousin-in-law used to tell me: "Either you are on your bed or you are in your shoes, so better buy the best of both when you can".

Do you agree? This made me think long and deep about our bed.

You see, my husband and I have been sleeping on our bed for about eleven years now. Yes, we still have our matrimonial bed, but lately back pains have been my constant cry. Could it be the bed or my lifestyle? Could it be my sleeping position or the coldness? I have to figure that out thus I am in the middle of searching for the perfect bed to suit my budget, lifestyle and the comfort I need to soothe my back pain.

When I searched high and low in the internet for beds I found an interesting site. Not only one can surf to different prices, sizes and bed types but even color to match one’s home can be found.Divan Beds, French, antique, wooden, metal, children’s, they are all available in this site.

Now, the next thing I have to do is to consider my available budget because I am really serious about buying a new bed.

Good Training for Hubby

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do you believe that you are what you think you are? I believe we are shaped by the perception we have for ourselves. Do you agree with me?
My husband always thinks that he is good with dealing with people. He can talk to different kinds of people from all walks of life. Regardless of age and background or culture he has his ways with people. Thus, no matter what he does he is good in sales and marketing. NO matter how he manoeuvres his career in to different facets or areas, he always ends up in sales and marketing. Maybe he should try Sales Training UK. This is a good chance to train for bigger catch in sales, right?


Monday, February 25, 2008

I almost had double vision when i saw the bill. Well, i had to say goodbye to my two-days' worth of our meal allowance - off it went to a pizza restaurant's cash box. Bye money.

Do I regret it? No.

As much as i try to be very reflective regarding our finances, i still consented for a Sunday's treat for the whole gang. Off we went to the restaurant for dinner.

Noise.Laughter. Teasing. Giggles. Questions. Debates. More noise and questions as everyone gulped down the last morsel of pizza.

Time together: priceless!

Bonding will be written down, forever, in the childhood memories of my three Powerpuff Girls (my daughters).

Don't you just love it when you make your children burp with happiness?

Ahh, For now I wouldn't' trade places. Really. LOL.

Shopping, Saving!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

One of the languages of love my husband possesses is giving gifts. He loves to give out gifts to people especially loved ones. I used to be perplexed with this trait of him because, even the smallest item or simplest of occasion he finds time to give to others. When we were newly married, I had to adjust to his way of expressing how he cares for people: giving gifts. Thus, when he travels, he hoards a lot of luggage because he has token or items for everyone.

Come our birthdays he really takes his time to look for gifts for us. My children are very used to him giving out gifts that they actually look forward to these family occasions. Whenever I am with him I make sure I look for ways to save or cut-cost when shopping. Of course, that’s second nature to mothers like me: to save and maintain our budget.

On the hindsight, have you ever tried Christmas shopping way ahead of time? I heard that the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is blackfriday, there are so many items available online which we can choose from. If we have many people to give gifts to, like my dear husband, this is the best time to shop online than lining up early in stores, right? It will sure save much from our budget.

Look Who is Taking Charge

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i found this from this blog . I had a good laugh. LOL. What was in his mind?

Should I ?

Friday, February 22, 2008

I am already in my mid-thirties. No, there is no midlife crisis whatsoever. But i am into a lot of rethinking regarding the next decades of my life. Of course, everyone gets old and eventually gray, but at this stage of my life, i am quite contented with my physical appearance.

Although i am not saying i am perfect but i do believe our lifestyles dictate how we appear, from diet to schedules. Unlike as mentioned in the news that 44% of Brits would consider cosmetic surgery at some point in their life.
Me? I still have not considered it. Not a thought. But should i be given the chance to go to there, will I call breast augmentation UK for different cosmetic surgery or the likes? I haven't given it a thought.

"We live, we die. The wheels of the bus go round and round."
This line was uttered by Jack Nicholson from the new movie "The Bucket List". It caught my attention and got stuck in my mind. If you analyze it, it is more of an existentialist's point of view of life.

But Morgan Freeman's line is even more striking: "Find the joy in your life."

How true can it this be? Many people live for the sake of living, but never really finding joy or their purpose, right?

I had a friend in the person of a 70-year-old man, who died a year ago. More often than not, he would always tell me that he had achieved his purpose in life already. Having retired as a Dean of the top University, raised a family, sent all his 5 kids to school, served the church and took care of his wife of more than 40 years (who eventually went ahead of him because of cancer).He would always tell me that reading the Purpose-Driven Life book has less meaning for him because he has achieved his purpose already.During the last two years of his life, he bought a motorcycle. He rode it everyday and was very happy about the freedom that comes with riding it. That was joy for him.

How many of us can truly say that we have achieved our life's purpose, if not on the way to it?

Maybe we can re-phrase the lines from the movie into: "We live, we die. The wheels of the bus go round and round. But we can always find joy in our life."

To Get or Not to Get?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mortgage? Remortgage? What is it really?
Are you aware that some homeowners are confused with the different mortgages to choose? This actually happens especially when most homeowners are left to decide overnight. Who would not, right?
In the news recently, people who are living in UK alone, get dilemmas over which mortgage to choose when it comes to decision-making. Research shows that almost two-thirds of homeowners are caught off-guard if not confused which mortgage to choose.
Who wouldn't be confused when there is little time given to decide over the investment one has to make, right? Investment does not even include the environment and atmosphere that come along when you buy a house.

Our school called it half-day. Thus i was able to go home by lunch time and do some blogging. It's almost the end of the school year here in our place and students are excited to take their vacations.
My kids have no plans for the summer vacation yet. Although they love it when they go to their grandparents' house or their cousins' place. My second daughter wants to take up martial arts classes, but i am still undecided about the idea.
Previous summers were spent in variation for my girls: ballet, swimming, football etc. But they are a little grown now so i do not know what the eldest wants. Let's just see.

Parents and Finances

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do you love to spend for your children? As parents joy comes to us when we are able to provide for our children in more ways than just the basic needs, right? However, due to influx of commercials and advertisements on media, buying material things has become such a hype sometimes parents go beyond the budget limit. If some parents go overboard in expenditures for their children, it is however, studied recently that parents are planning to spend less on their children this year.

In this related article, it has been established that expenditures on toys and clothes have been planned, by most parent to be cut off in percentage than last year’s budget.
As a parent, I think it is more practical to save money for our children’s education and health insurance rather than just on fleeting commodities such as toys, gadgets and clothes. With frequent price increases or escalating prices of food and fuel, it is really practical to save nowadays. We never know what health of family emergencies might occur in the coming days, right?
Some parents take out Secured Loan to be able to be sure make their finances are okay. I think being smart financially can really save a lot for the family.

No Rain

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It did not rain today. I feel excited. For the first time in many days, the sun shone this morning. My laundry will dry up. I will get dose of Vitamin D.
Unlike the other day, my kids went to school today. They braved the coldness of the weather. They even took their morning bath and off to school they went.
I am still praying for those who were victims of floods and landslides. For days now, they have been submerged in water. Farmers lost their crops. Bridges collapsed. How sad, right?

If I have to do a list of the different romantic ideas during my younger years, the list will be very long. I can still recall the some out-of-this-world stance my husband did to court me. It was not a long courtship, just more than two years, before we tied the knot. But whenever I recall them, they elicit a smile on my face.

Most couples should really continue the romance and courtship even after the wedding, right? These ideas will keep them passionate for their relationship and eventually the marriage will last.

More than dating regularly, love letter, sending chocolates, small gifts and flowers should keep the romance alive and the marriage intact. Cause after eleven years of marriage, they still give me thrill when I receive them now!

What Difference?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I just wanted to write. And i did write, two hundred times and more.
That was the reason i started blogging.
Meeting friends came next.
Earning on the side came third.
And loving it many times over makes me realize how important it is to love what you do rather than to do what you need to do.
Thanks to everyone who read, commented, left links, tags, memes, awards and many other experiences worth smiling about when i am alone.
Right now, i can tele-port to blogosphere anytime.
Please welcome me in the virtual world, any minute!!!

Changes Needed

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I visited my Mama yesterday. Of course, the chatting did not stop. Even if we see each other very often, we never ran out of stories to tell one another. Funny, because three days are is a long time for us not to see one another.
Anyway, she told me she needs to do the Concrete Workshop for the garages they have in the house. Why? I will explain so you better read on.
The other night an incident occurred. An intruder trespassed into their garage where my brother’s cars are housed. You see, my brother is into buy and sell of cars and he has one for sale now. When he came home at around one o’clock in the morning, the car cover was not in its usual place and he knew that someone tinkered with the car. He was very upset. He knew that an intruder did all these to bring havoc to his property. So now he is thinking of Concrete Workshop to secure his garages because other vehicles, of my other siblings are also housed there. He knows it is a good investment because he cannot risk the properties he has invested from his own money.
There is nothing safe anymore. It is better to renovate now than to risk the properties my brother has worked for so hard.

Think, Think, Think.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

These are my choice right now: take a long leave without pay OR just leave for good. Remember, i was really hoping to be a work-at-home or stay-at-home mom? But doing so would mean leaving my work which i have had for the last twelve year!!! That's right, it is that long already and i think, feel and know that i have to move on for my growth.

Leaving my work just for a year or for good mean losing my privileges ( free tuition fee) for my three kids and giving up my other "benefits" although there are not many because i work for a non-profit. But i will be more relieve to stop for now because i do not look forward to it anymore. Not a day passes when i just would like to drop everything and leave.

I am not happy with what i do anymore. There's no more joy and optimism for every new day that passes. If not for my children's sake and the benefit they get, i could have left in a split second.

What will you do if i were you?


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last week, I finally was able to partly settle my debt from a local bank. It was quite relieving to pay almost half of what I owe a little ahead of time. Whew! It was quite a feat for me, because I was delayed in paying for two months already. Although I had to pay some amount for the delayed payment, I was able to pay for an advance of one month. That is quite relieving, whew!

You see, my husband and I decided to have this debt because of a small investment we made last year. The investment has not yet returned but we are waiting for the turn-around in due time. We wanted to invest because our salary alone cannot yet sustain the needs of our growing family of five. With the never-ending bills and financial needs, it is really better not to rely on our salaries alone; plus the fact that my husband’s business has not yet fully bloomed.

We are thinking of really being smart with our finances these days. We should really learn a lot from our past experiences of financial uncertainties and difficulties. Since we have three growing children, we need to keep the budget guarded so as not to live like “one day millionaires”.

I read online of that Debt Management Plans can help people manage their finances to avoid bankruptcy . Before, i do not think of these financial issues of the family, but now it helps to know what Debt Management Plans can do to help people like me, who are not financial expert but really needing help when it comes to managing our family's finances.

Apologies, With Love

Thursday, February 21, 2008

To all my dear friends and readers:
I would truly like to apologize for not being able to respond or publish all the tags, love links and awards you have all given me! It is with deep apologies that due to current technical situation in our home I cannot have constant internet access like before.
It is not something serious or life-changing, but ever since our computer broke down (can you believe it lasted for 7 long, long years), i just snag time to blog thru my husband's office computer (remember he co-owns this I.T. company?) thus constant access is reduced to "stolen moments" now. LOL. Thanks to his partners for letting me snatch a few hours.

However, we are working on the problem and plan to procure a new one - if budget permits. So, thank you for remembering me, always!!!! Since i am contemplating of being a WAHM, we really need to settle this issue!

Blessings to all those who really went out of their ways to remember me!!!

Help for the Children

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I finished my University degree under a scholarship grant. Actually, all of us siblings were under scholarship grants. It was a choice that each of us maintains the scholarships by delivering good grades if not passing ones. Whew! It was not easy. It required focus and real hard work. Of course, it was for the reason that we belong to an underprivileged family. Aside from the scholarship, I did avail a lot of loans during my stay in the university. The loans helped me through different financial situations during my college days.

But do you know these days’ parents can actually have a choice to assist their children in their financial needs by availing with them a mortgage? Parents can even help their children make contributions to be able to pay the mortgages. That is team work!
More than teaching the child team work for their college or university degrees, parents are actually teaching them independence. Most parents according to this news that I read, prefer that the mortgages are also under the name of the children so as to teach them independence.
I like this idea. I like the idea that my children need not be unsure about their financial situations when they go to college. Plus this would give them more focus on their studies, right?

I’ve been feeling tired lately. Blame it on the weather. As I blogged about it earlier rain has not stopped for three days already. My laundry has not dried. My shoes are wet and slimy. My kids are starting to cough now. Hubby has been coughing for two days already.
This is weird. At this time of the year, summer season should have started already. March is supposed to be the hottest month here in our place, but March is almost here and yet, we have not seen the sun for three days.
Is climate change be the really affecting us right now? It is very chilly here. It is even chillier than last December or January. And January is supposedly the coldest month of the year locally. Whew! Al Gore could be right.

Life's Lessons

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Many years ago, my husband and I faced very difficult financial situation. As I have blogged about it earlier, we were neck-deep with debt and amortizations. AS a young couple we did not know what to do with the situation. We were in panic where to get our resources for the payments. Plus the fact that I was not working then because I had to take care of our three young daughters ages five, four and an infant.
Aside from the never-ending bills to pay, basic needs of the young children consumed majority of our budget then. We were caught in the whirlwind of confusions then it was difficult.
Ultimately we had to sell some properties including our car to really settle our financial difficulties. Some of our gadgets had to go also like small things just to be able to settle our debts. That was a sad experience which really taught a lesson about Debt Managment Plan. Had we known there are institutions which help could help us with our situations then, I could have asked help, right?
Debt Managment Plan can truly help families know how to manage sticky financial situations. I hope it won’t happen to us again, right? It was an experience worth learning lessons from.

What Can we Do?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It’s been raining here in our place for the last three days. I feel sorry for those who are in places affected. Sudden influx of water resulted to floods in some areas and loss of lives for others.
Sometimes it is painful to watch people suffer that way especially the little kids. How can they understand the consequences of human abuses done to nature? It is never their fault. But still they suffer the calamities.
As much I would like to help I cannot possibly help at once. I always ask my children to pray for protection for other people, not just for us. And more than that I explain situations to them the most comprehensible way I can.

Better Safe than Sorry!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I live in a tropical country. When it is summer and very hot, skin irritation occurs frequently. Between the months of March to May our family makes it sure to be ready with necessary tools to eliminate rashes or bites on my daughters' skin that could irritate or damage their skin. Aside from the uncomfortable itchiness the will feel, it's not worth risking their skin.

So we check for every possible causes of skin irritation including bed bugs infestation and other causes of skin irritation. Aside from that, mosquitoes should be watched out for. Dengue fever and malaria, caused by mosquitoes are also life-threatening.
It's better to be safe than sorry!

Yesterday, was a kind of diverse for me. Rather than my usual routine of being a mega-multi-tasked mom and wife, I did not do my usual routine: Hubby and I went out! Yes, to the metropolis: the big polluted and noisy city. We left the tres marias of ours to the care of grandparents.

I was thrilled to really look forward to an adventurous day. It was truly different because instead of bringing our car, we took the public bus, metro-rail, and taxi. It was really an experience! Whew! The experienced knocked me out of my comfort zone. Instead of the usual comfort of a private vehicle and driver, we had it another way. I was thinking if I had to do that every day, I don’t think I will last for a week.

I toured the mall alone first. Hubby had a business meeting in the early part of the morning. I loved the feeling of being able to just be on my own and buy a few items. I picked up items mostly for the tres marias. As I lined up to pay my items, I noticed that most people are using credit cards. Although I paid mine in cash, I think paying with credit cards is a convenient way, too.

Of course, the best part of the day was trying out new foods out of the usual. There were a few items on sale (post Valentine’s promo) and I was glad I was able to get a few.

It was an experience out of my usual routine. It’s good to “move my cheese” every now and then, and let the unpredictable happen. Who can predict life , anyway?

(image from

My Valentine's date came different this year. Instead of the usual romantic date with my hubby, i dated differently.I was with my two tweens (my ten and almost-nine years old daughters).

Weeks ago they asked me if i could let them be in the studio with their friends for some photographs/remembrance. I obliged but i said i had to come with them.

I felt good knowing they really looked forward to that date. It was their first time to went out with their friends on their own. (Cause i just followed 2 hours, after they left their school).

I felt old, too. LOL. I felt too antiquated acting as chaperon to my girls. But it sure made them happy.

So how was your heart's day date?

I used to be very flaccid about political or social issues that beset my country. Not because i am plainly non-partisan but because i have always believed that life will go on for me, with or without politics. I plainly believe, too, that life is simple. So why punish myself with so much rumpus?

Latest issues on corruption and under the table deals(senate hearing and all about NBN deal) however, kept me on my toes.


First, because of the greed of the government officials will truly affect the lives of my children, eventually. Not today, but in the next few years perhaps...

Second, it is strange how these very officials who have been elected supposedly by the people and for the people strike a deal only for their financial gains?

Thirdly, it is teaching my children indirectly that greed is an acceptable value for those who are in power.

I do not know if i am being reactive. Who is not, anyway?
I know it's not over till it's over, but will it ever be over?

Try This

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I stayed home today and browsed the net. I was just browsing.
Great Discovery: Zenni Optical: that’s what I found out. Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses are affordable prescription eyeglasses which are reliable for everyday use. Since hubby is complaining of a need to use one. He is a technoprenuer and always in front of the computer thus he needs this Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical

Had fun with my little one... she was always ready with her killer smile. When will this antics last? Maybe 2-3 from now she will be my baby no more!

Just Check the List

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I have not been to Las Vegas. Although there are many times I have seen the place thru media such as television, movies, online access, etc. And because I am not a person who likes to have a noisy environment I think will be contented just watching it from the media. Although there are moments that Las Vegas really fascinates me. But what do people usually do in Las Vegas? The answer is the same: to have fun and enjoy the entertainment in the place! But to have fun nowadays, one has to just enjoy the comforts of the home and have access to all kinds of entertainment possible: movies, music, entertainment new, online games, online casino, chats, video conferences, etc. Everything can be done online and it saves a lot. So if you want to check lists of online casino, just log on and you are set to enjoy!

Best Choices

Saturday, February 09, 2008

How does competition affect our decision? Are you the person who thrives on the adage: “the more, the merrier?” or are you an advocate of the saying: “too many hands can spoil the soup?” Those are two totally different, if not opposite concepts.
If you ask me, I will answer it depends on the decision I am making on. If it involves economics competition affects decision because more choices mean more freedom. In fact, the less monopoly the healthier it is for the consumers, right?
When it comes to entertainment, the more the merrier applies. In other words, variety is the key since there are different tastes for every person there is. So to compare products or services such as, online casino, it is best to go to the site where online casino is reviewed with complete details, new bonuses and even rating for which is the best. The players are assured of quality offers.

My Own

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Did i tell you I have a new domain? Yes. I finally have my own domain which i bough long time ago but did not really have the time to do the necessary works.

It has the same name: Hailey's Beats and Bits but it is my own dot com. I plan to really give it my utmost attention so i can express myself there too. Who knows about the potential of having a new dot com, right?

So i hope when it is already uploaded and running you will visit and comment there too. Just like what you usually do here. Thanks in advance for taking your time to be in my blog!

Dwelling Place

Friday, February 08, 2008

We live in an apartment for almost 4 years now. It is a place we call our home even if we do not own the place but we are just renting. I like the lawn and backyard which the landlady provides for all the apartment dwellers. The place is big enough for our family of five.
The big lawn provides a space for my children to run around, bike, play hide and seek and many other kinesthetic activities they love to do.
We hunted for a place almost four years ago, and we found this place. In our country there agencies which can help us find a new place seldom exist. Unlike in Chicago, apartment search is always available. Even for those seeking to find a condo, there’s
Chicago condo association management to help you. Aside from that, Chicago Condominium association is always willing to help you find conducive places to live. That's how it is with Chicago IL apartments!

A Friend from Long Ago

Friday, February 08, 2008

Someone emailed me today. I was surprised to find out that this friend of mine found me onlne after eightenn years of separation. Can you believe it?

Maybe she googled my name. Or maybe she really searched high and low fo me. I have not practically heard from her for the last eaighteen years! It really, really came as a surprise.

Surprises bring jolts in our lives. Surprises give us joy to reflect about the past and look forward to the future, right? What about you? What surprises have you received lately? Come to think of it: i like surprises after all. But only positive ones at that!

Newness Of Things

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I AM BORED. I am bored with my daily routine. There is nothing new to do or see. I have been doing things over and over again for a long, long time now. I need a break from my usual routine. I need to try something new and different. Probably shopping for new clothes and furniture, change our queen beds to king beds so that I can rearrange the house can truly make a change. But I do need money for that. I need to look for finances to support what I want to do. I need to earn extra.
Wait! What about sleigh bed? Or have you heard of this Cherry Entertainment Center TV Media Wall Unit? That's something new!

Just A Phone Call Away

Thursday, February 07, 2008

AS I have blogged about earlier, the most important thing in our lives is relationship. To whom do we build our relationships with? For Christians there is a God-man relationship. There is a man to man or woman relationship. For other human beings, associations with their pets and families are the most important links or relationships they can ever treasure. Families from all over the world have different kinds of cultures and traditions. But what ever state they are in their lives, still the most precious ones are those with their kin. How about you what do you prefer to prioritize in life?

However, there will be no relationships with out communication. Yes, the best way to associate or relate is thru constant communication.
Parents deal with their children by constant if not open communication. Children convey their need and wants to their parents through different modes of communication: be it through direct physical interface or thru mediated ones. When family curfews are broken down or violated by the children phone lines or messages never stop. Parents worry if there are no feedbacks from children and vice versa. Children have to really be in touch with parents for guidance and support, otherwise no relationship will last longer.

Safety is Priority

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Being the one to stay at the house most of the time as mother, most of the time I am the first one to detect the first signs of house repair. I should really care about the necessary repairs because whenever there are problems in the home, as a mother i am the most emotionally affected.

What are those that mostly affect me? Health and well-being of the family members are the first ad foremost issue that I truly get to settle or be affected with. Safety is another one that I should be concerned about. The frequent questions that come to my mind when it comes to safety are: Are the electrical systems in place? Are the wires aligned and secure? Are the electricity switches in good condition? Are the plastic 3-way elbow connectors corners safe all the time? Are the kids well ventilated while asleep? Are the phones lines perfect just in case there are emergencies?
Why is that so? For one, my family is my number one priority. Secondly, my children are young and still helpless during times of emergencies.

My second daughter wants to be a chef. I would like to support her with that dream. I have yet to figure out how.
I think giving her opportunities to practice and experiment on new things are acceptable. What about providing her time to choose or try new recipes? Or buying her new books about career can truly help, right?
She's adventurous when it comes to food! I hope that will really bring her to new places and culture, later in life.

Positive Self-Concept

Thursday, February 07, 2008

In school today, our high school students were discussing about positive self-concept as an important defining factor of success. Do you agree? I definitely agree that self-concept affects our perception of life, in general.
The discussion boiled down to the concept that: most successful people are those who have positive self-concept and consequently confident outlook to what they can do or achieve.
Most of today’s progressive outlook recommends that: when we like ourselves or what we see when we look at the mirror, we are motivated to improve or perform on our responsibilities and then we become more productive.
And what makes us improve on our perception of ourselves? I have two things in mind: healthy lifestyle and body fitness. If we are healthy and fit, we become more fruitful in what ever task we do.
And do you know that online exercise tracking program is available in a click of the computer mouse? This online exercise tracking program can motivate us to adopt a new and healthy lifestyle.

Daughter: Mom, if God is the source of all goodness and holiness, why did He create the evil one?

Mom: hmmm... No, he was not created as bad, but he disobeyed God.

Daughter: Why did God allow it?

Mom: Because God gives us free will.

Daughter: What is that?

Mom (just thinking): Can someone hand me over a concise parenting dictionary?.....

Mom (now speaking): It is when you can think and choose what you want, on your own. But there are only two choices: good or bad. The evil one chose to be bad.

P. S.

Did I get that right? Sure hope so...

Where can we get Ph.D. in parenting?

My eldest joined an Anime Art Contest: BALUT meets Takoyaki, an art contest featuring Japanese anime...She did not win but enjoyed the experience!

A budding chef cooked our dinner last night: Pasta with White Tuna Sauce and Buttered Garlic Toast... I was just a caddy behind her when my second daughter, who is 8 years old, prepared everything for our dinner.She wants to be a chef thus i give her opportunity to learn how!

Bang gave me this tag. Very appropriate for a parent like me.

1. God loves them no matter what, and time is immaterial because it is forever.

2. Dad and I will always be their greatest fans. We will be displeased, disappointed or unhappy for some things they will do or did but we will love them anyway!

3. Family relationship is lifetime treasure, but other people will not always be around for them at times of need.

4. Among knowledge(what they know), skills (what they can do) and attitude(how they perceive/feel), it is attitude that will define who they are. The other two can be learned in no time.

5. They should always remember that before making decisions, always be guided with the question: What would Jesus do if He is in the situation?

This tag can be done if they like to: Rachel, Vina

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Affordable Eyeglasses

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Direct selling really saves big amount of money, right? Instead of middlemen partaking half if not more, of the profit, direct selling provides savings for both the seller and the consumer. Just like this Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case!
It is affordable and safe. More than the range of selections, direct selling saves a lot so you get quality product!

Award Galore Part 4

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This 5-Star Blog Award is given to a blogger whose blog is of highest classification. A blog of excellence in the following criteria: content, design and style, informative and accommodating.

gave this to me. Thanks so much!

Passing on the 5-star blog award to my friends:

Mimi, Arlene, Sophiagurl, Francine and Rachel

To the Rescue!

Monday, February 04, 2008

AS I have blogged earlier I do complain of constant back pain and fatigue. Well, as a working mom of three school-aged daughters, help is indeed needed. Although the little girls of mine help me with simple chores and domestic assignments, I think I need the intervention of technology here to relieve me of the burden of house chores. But I do need to save up for the finances so that I can buy the tools needed in the house. Therefore, I can save time and effort and rest some more.
Vacuum cleaners will truly help me, I know. I browsed the on-line sites for these technologies and I found state-of-the-art, truly amazing vacuum cleaners. I am amazed by this technology. More than the beauty and functionality, accessories are available with 5 years guarantee. Isn’t that worth my money? I have to be practical nowadays. It is a choice between my health and my money...Right?
I should get one. Or i will gor bonkers doing it all by myself!

Something New

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Do you know that spatial intelligence (according to Howard Gardner) is the least of the intelligences I have? I do not see design or project lay-out in empty spaces. Neither do I retain or remember directions of places which I visit.

Even in our house, I seldom rearrange our furniture or appliances. If not for my husband who likes to arrange our beds and sofa, there will be no changes in our indoor furniture arrangements.
But last week, out of need I thought of buying new drawers for my girls’ bedroom. Each of them needs a space of her own for her personal things. I checked nice sites for furniture and this one comes as the best. Also, if you are in the look out for beds then their california King bed is a must see.


Saturday, February 02, 2008


That's how i feel right now. I feel physically and emotionally drained. Sucked up. But if you were in my shoes, i bet you would feel the same.
Let me reiterate to you again why...
I am a wife to my husband for almost eleven years now.I play the role mother to three school-aged daughters. I work full time to earn a living. I have no house helper for almost two years now. I market and cook our food, prepare meals and occasionally wash our clothes. I tutor a child twice a week and blog to release my stress (and earn on the sides). If my wits cannot hold it up anymore i call the laundry woman for a weekly laundry.Sometimes, it's just too much for me.

DO i have the right to be tired? Do i have the right to be exhausted? Sapped?
Lately, my hair is starting to fall off, there is constant backpain and restlessness in my sleep.
I have brought these up to my husband but the situation remains the same.

I believe a break is due me, right?

It is tiring to be upright and to nurture a family given my situation. Sometimes, i think of just freezing up and just be passive to all the goings-on in my life...I just get too tired already...

IF you were in my shoes, what would you do?

I am A Fruit

Saturday, February 02, 2008

You Are a Pear

You are independent, intelligent, and a free thinker.
You can accomplish great things, especially when you do them on your own.

You are direct, honest, and sometimes even a bit brutal.
There's not much that gets in the way of you and your ambition.

While you are hard nosed, you do have a much sweeter side to you.
It takes times for you to soften toward someone, but once you do, you'll be their friend for life.

Big Win

Saturday, February 02, 2008

On our way home from the supermarket, we picked up a few grocery items from my mother’s convenience store. Yes, my mother owns a small convenience store with a few items of fresh meat and vegetables. It is strategically located in a corner of our small town. Most working people, who are in a hurry to go home after 5 pm, grab or buy items from my mother’s store. After retirement, that store becomes the focus of her attention. It is a good form of therapy for her.
Anyway, my cousin spilled to me the good news; it is not something like winning the online blackjack or something: my mom won the local lottery! I was about to faint. I was picturing millions or dollar signs…
Then my cousin continued: twenty thousand pesos only! Wow…That’s about $500. Not bad, right? But had it been like bigger forms of winning such as online blackjack win; wow! That will be the day…

I’ve been feeling tired lately. Blame it on the weather. As I blogged about it earlier rain has not stopped for three days already. My laundry has not dried. My shoes are wet and slimy. My kids are starting to cough now. Hubby has been coughing for two days already.
This is weird. At this time of the year, summer season should have started already. March is supposed to be the hottest month here in our place, but March is almost here and yet, we have not seen the sun for three days.
Is climate change be the really affecting us right now? It is very chilly here. It is even chillier than last December or January. And January is supposedly the coldest month of the year locally. Whew! Al Gore could be right.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Award Galore Part 3

Friday, February 01, 2008

Nancy tagged me with this... And I thank her for remembering me for this tag.

Good friends are truly awesome! I am passing this to reche, arlene and liza!

RBS 6 Nations

Friday, February 01, 2008

What happens when six different nations meet in an event? What happens when people of different cultures happen to be together to have fun and enjoyment? I can not think of the right words right now but what comes to my mind is: FUN. Another word that I can think of is: ACTION, to the highest level!
That is how RBS Nations website comes to every fan whenever the website is uploaded. More than being an interactive site, more benefits are presented in this site. When games, newsletter, podcasts and competitions of rugby game are in one incredible site, fans go wild! There is even a fanzone where fans come as priority for accessibility of wallpapers, photo gallery and newsletters are available on click!
Captured moments of rugby game can even be viewed over and over because videos are available in an instant! Here is the catch: fans can shop online for memorabilia and licensed products or merchandise…SO just click the site and action happens!

Childhood Days...

Friday, February 01, 2008

I have vivid memories of my childhood when we really were in numerous financial difficulties. Those times were often than times of abundance. Really.
Being a big family (we are eight children), our basic needs were barely met by the salary my father received as a government employee. We practically lived from one pay check to the next. Sometimes, if not oftentimes, my parents would really resort to borrowing money from other people or relatives. Those were the days when cash advance or lending institutions were not yet as hyped as they are these days. But we were able to make it through: with or without cash advance.
Up to these days I am still amazed how my parents were able to send ALL of us, eight children, to school. No one stopped schooling until we were ALL finished with our degrees in the University.
I still wonder how my parents made us all University degree holders by just relying on my father’s hard-earned salary; and of course constant salary loans…