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6:48 Awaken by hubby with a warm hug
7:10 Woke up kids for school. Instructed them to bathe, eat breakfast of milk and cereal which my eldest (9y/o) prepared.
7:30 Off to market and bought food
7:58 Back home while hubby sends off kids to school (5-minute walk/2-minute drive)
8:35 Off to office/work
12:00 Went home for lunch and hang laundry i did the night before
1:30 Back to work
5:10 walked home with my two tweens and took late afternoon snacks while chit chatting/laughing
6:30 went out with hubby to buy rice for dinner
7:00 Tutored 2 kids in the neighborhood
8:00 came home, ate dinner with family with lots of chit chats and updating in between muches
9:00 instructed for kids bath time and house cleaning ( sweeping, wiping tables,)
10:30 washed up cause dog-tired to zzzzzzzzzzzzzleeeeeeeeeeep time!!!!

Most of the time TV dominates the household. More hours are spent watching TV than talking or building relationships in the home. As most of us parents are away earning for our living, the TV becomes the substitute sitter. Children are exposed to all kinds of issues, current events, immorality, materialism and distorted values that society perpetuate.
It saddens the parent in me, that what TV portrays to be real and true are not what we are supposed to teach or enhance in our children. Sad to say, we re not always there to filter what the TV bombard our home.
So the question now is: TV? or not to watch TV? If it is the latter then how do we start?

Hurray! It’s PayPerPost!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally, the reflecting and thinking are over! For months, I kept on thinking ways to hone and earn from my writing skills. I have my blog for months and yet I wanted to be a person earning thru my writings. Thus, after asking on-line bloggers-friends, I finally got my best answer: PayPerPost! Most of them recommended it.

I am so happy to be part of this community of writers and advertisers, earning while enjoying. Now I can truly say that I am a true blue member of PayPerPost. And I am so glad I did it!

So why did I choose PayPerPost? First, many of my on-line friends and bloggers recommended it. Second, I personally find its system of registration and rules very easy. There are no complications at all! And lastly, since most bloggers recommended it; I find it also as credible and reliable source of income for a blogger like me!

So officially, I can now do many things in one: enjoy writing about anything and everything I love, see my work on-line everyday, tell my friends about the idea of earning-while-blogging and enjoy doing other things. I already have the time to them because I am earning while enjoying!

So, you want to try it?


Monday, August 20, 2007

it's raining again. drip. drop.
sometimes when it rains, i do have this feeling of nostalgia. or laziness. or lethargy.
in literature i think (not sure) it is called pathetic fallacy. that i feel as the weather dictates. i have my emotions as what the weather outside brings. strange. but in a tropical country like mine, the sun can sometimes bring the opposite of "sunny personality". but more often than not, the heat irritates.
back to the rain. what does the rain bring about, anyway? random in my thoughts are:
nourishment for plants
revived water cycle
clean roads and rooftops
colder wind
more feet tangled in bed, seeking warmth
bath time for birds and some insects
pollination for flowers
top soil migration
coffee brewing
hot soup to warm the soul
tea cups busy
water, water it has power.
now i will just go with the flow.
rain. rain...............
you can stay.
and come back anytime next day.

My Wishes for Today

Sunday, August 19, 2007

do you have wishes? mine are just shallow ones (read: achievable); but still i do
wish for them to happen.
1. travel with my family to bahamas or the nearer amanpulo, palawan

2. stay at home for straight one month: sewing, baking, cooking and just blogging

3. watch all classic movies i missed

4. talk openly to my siblings and mother (more often)

5. wake up early, everyday and feed the birds.

6. read the Bible and practice the teachings, everyday.

7. buy a top-of-the-line laptop for MYSELF!

8. change my wardrobe, completely!

9. set up a coffee and pasta shop with my husband

10. be more prayerful. ( i think this should be first!)

Butterflies and Bliss!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I was in retrospective mood the other day. I was recollecting the moments when I was to become a bride . Up to now I still cherish the feeling of both anxiety and excitement of the new, unknown chapter of my life: to be a wife. It was like being in two different dimensions in one time: being single yet welcoming the feeling of being a partner to my groom, for life!

It was more than ten years ago when good friends of mine surprised me with a bridal shower . A friend made unique bridal shower invitations, simple yet truly splendid.I was totally taken aback when they came and brought different things which we all took time to talk about! Since all of them were single we were all in wonderment how married life would be like, then.

Nowadays, friends of modern brides can take advantage of truly magnificent choices that, indeed buying shower invitations has never been such a bliss! I can imagine the time, effort and money which can be saved by doing this. I still have vivid memories of my bridal shower and remembering it, is a total delight!

Ages of Innocence

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More often than not, when i look at my children's innocence and purity of hearts, i wish they will stay as they are.
As a parent, one of the greatest joys, is seeing them grow up healthy, smart, happy and God-fearing girls. It is such a joy to see them share love, ideas and feelings to one another.
However, with the feelings of joy come anxiety and fear that someday they will grow up, leave our home and be part of the real, sometimes rough, world.
As a mother to my three daughters, i sometimes feel anxious. The anxiety is, however, silenced with the prayer that even if they grow up they won't lose their innocence, purity and love for life like what they are right now. God bless you, my little ones!

In this age and time, nothing is certain. Health-wise, many people get sick because of our polluted world. Financially speaking, no one is really stable except for the super-rich. But what we do with what we have can give us a little assurance of what’s to come in the future. If we manage our finances wisely while we are still strong and able, we can have a little assurance of our tomorrow. Want to better manage your future? See this

Getting an insurance policy gives us a little comfort that our future is more secure than just relying on nothing. A more secure future awaits us if we act now. It is very easy, try this link for a convenient way to secure your future.

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i have been sick with flu for two days now. though laundry is piling (mountainous, actually) i have no choice but to be in bed or drink fresh ginger ale (salabat) for my cough.

this morning with eagerness to get well and be active again, i went out for some sunlight and fresh air.
guess what i discovered in my backyard?Voila! if you want to find out what's in our compound's backyard i took shots of the bounty in my backyard! Thanks to the neighbor who labored to keep the garden. Here they are:

eggplant still waiting to grow fully but they-are-a-plenty!
Eggplant Creole, anytime!

Patola! la-la-la-la
Fresh but with (a little) part consumed by hungry insects!

Papaya for fresh achara, tinola, ginataan, etc!


Chill out with enough chili to make into kimchi for side dish!

JalapeƱo Chili grows for fresh sinigang, Bicol express, etc. Grab one!

Alogbati or Alugbati?
Whichever is the spelling i was delighted to see them in my backyard.

How about you, what's in your backyard?


Friday, August 03, 2007

i just made my own badge about being a PINAY! (thanks for the inspiration, mitchteryosa) i am so proud to post my badge. never mind the comments that would come later. as far as i know, i'm one proud mommy of three...PINAY. i'm proud that i am a keeper of the home and a hand in the workforce!!!

be proud that we are Filipina. we are the women that others are not.