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For more than ten years now, i am both a wife to my husband and a mother to my three daughters.
Many years ago, i have pledged to myself to make God number 1 in my life and my family is next. However, as young as i was then, I was always in constant panic to really be a good mother to my kids, balance my teaching career, be a wife and to take care of myself. It was a tough time because i was young. While others were still partying and having good times, i was saddled with responsibilities already.

My husband told me more than twice that i always prioritized my kids more than i take care of him. He kept on commenting, without him, we would never have children because they are the products of our union.Back then, i felt, instinctively, that he could always fend for himself but i was most needed by my children, who were all under 5 and i was 28. So most of my time was eaten up by baby sitting and child-related domestic chores.

Then i was able to watch one reality show with the same predicament: Are you a wife first and mother second? or Are you a mom first then a wife to your husband? Then I was struck by the answer of the Family Psychologist: "If you love your family and want to be a good mother to your kids, then you should love the father of your children the most!"
Struck, i found the the answer thought-provoking. Up to now i am still pondering about the line. But then if i look at it sequentially it is quite true. Who disagrees with me?

i 've been away from my comfort zone for four days. i traveled to gen. santos city and saranggani. away from my routine and usual life, i enjoyed the hospitality of gen. san and saranggani folks. though it was work related still it was a breather! most of all it's the fresh tuna and durian that gave the time of my life. fresh tuna: panga, belly, buntot, etc. ang sarap talaga ng natural!! and the durian was unforgettable. tastes like heaven, just forget the smell...

of course i visited and took pictures of manny pacquiao's house and convenience store for i am a big fan... but he was still in the US. sayang.

Happiness is…

Monday, June 11, 2007

These are the things that make me happy:

1. seeing my husband’s snoring head next to my pillow, every morning.
2. pinching my kids’ butts playfully to wake them up in the morning for school
3. walking on the green fields and smelling the fresh air from/of mt. makiling
4. reminiscing childhood memories with my 7 siblings, while eating and eating and eating at my mom’s house.
5. seeing my daughters wet each others’ cheeks when kissing
6. waking up to the sound of chirping birds, every morning.
7. seeing no canned food in my pantry.
8. receiving a car for free. with no occasion or reason. just a gift.
9. watching my nephews, nieces and my kids play, dance and laugh…
10. knowing i can always pray to God anytime, anywhere.
11. having good relationship with my in-laws
12. sleeping after a refreshing bath
13. being married to my best friend…
14. helping a special child utter a word
15.blogging here

how about you? got a list?

today my mom celebrated her 66th birthday. yes, the woman whom i love the most in my life just turned 66!! so what’s with my mom? a lot.

although she was born in 1941 she texts, plays on-line games, occasionally commutes ALONE four towns away from her home and pays her bills alone. most of the time, she is busy running errands for her 10 apos.
and take note: she was able to raise 8 kids, (all of us) plus the most amazing part is: the last 14 years as a WIDOW! my dad died when i was nineteen and my youngest brother was 9.

i call her SUPERWOMAN. from now on i will call her extra-ordinary superwoman…Cheers to my mom.


Friday, June 01, 2007

today a new student came to my school. she has special needs. she was dropped out from the list of another school. why?
i wonder why schools today i like that...that most of those with intellectual superiority are preferred and entertained but most with special needs are excluded? WHY the exclusion? don't they have the gifts too, that others have? maybe not on the cognitive part but surely GOD created them for a purpose. surely, GOD does not exclude them from HIS list. He has a purpose for every Creation He makes. but why do people or institutions nowadays exclude those who are differently able?
if God showers the same rain to both the good and the bad, saints and criminals alike; why can't people practice the same?