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Have you ever heard someone uttered regrets on his or her deathbed which goes something like: "How I wish I could have spent more time in the office or at work than I did."?

It will be the weirdest thing of all, should I hear such.

Time. It is spent.

Flashes of what if's come to my mind. What if I did not choose to spend my time at home like I do most of the time? What if I chose spunky stilettos and power suits instead of flip-flops and my house dresses? What if I chose to beat the metro traffic, the rat race of the corporate? What if I chose to be in another path except the domesticated one which I have? Would I be richer? Would my kids be kids of richer parents? Maybe.

Dang. That would be awesome, right?
What is lovelier, though, is not what other people will see or observe, right? My life is not that rosy one like that of laundry detergent commercial over TV , but all I know is my time passes with:

ten feet in a bed, at one time
screams because of tickling
noisy dinner table, nightly!
arts in progress scattered on the floor, with daily doses of genre!
question from a five year old which goes: "if God is all-good then why did He create the devil?"
picnics anytime
sticky kisses
googling together for science lessons
karaoke time with kids, off tune via
cries because of bruises for running around
long walks and biking then more bruises
tight hugs and unwashed faces in the morning ready to narrate "bad dreams"
more questions like: "Who created God?" "Did God create Himself, how?"
"Mommmy, we are out of shampoo!"

Pardon the biases, but by the way, I am poorer than most of those who are reading this. Downright less objective than most of you all.
Because I chose to spend my time, empty wallets and all, with those who make me this subjective.

Why God Made Little Girls?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

God made the world with

towering trees, majestic

mountains, and restless seas.

Then paused and said,

It needs one more thing....

someone to laugh and

dance and sing.

To walk in the woods and gather commune with

nature in quiet hours."

So God made little girls with

laughing eyes and bouncing curls,

with joyful hearts,

and infectious smiles,

enchanting ways and

feminine wiles.

And when He'd completed

the task He'd begun,

He was pleased and proud

of the job He'd done.

For the world, when seen

through a little girl's eyes

greatly resembled Paradise.

(poem from here)

At one point in my married life, I had my three kids all under the age of five. I was young and working full time then. It was a tough time. At the back of my young mid-twenties mind then, I was always wishing that time would fly and my kids would all grow up so as not to be too dependent on me.

Today, as we were all glam up while we attended my sister's wedding I just realized how my kids have grown - taller, bigger and way too on their own.

I just realized my wish came too soon. Time flew and they grew! Soon, they will be all grown up for real. It is really a treasure to invest time being at home and with the family for time does not return.

We are a family with internet dependent life. Every single day, we access the internet for our daily living. More than just extracting information and new knowledge, we rely on the internet for the source of our financial support. Let me tell you why.
You see, my husband is a web developer, as well as, web designer. His life is all about surfing the internet for every detail necessary for him to keep up with recent trends and technology-related information. Thus, day in and day out he is in front of his computer, searching for reliable webhosting for his clients and prospective costumers. As a person who needs to be updated with reliable webhosting, he looks for the best packages that are economically sound, yet dependable enough that will not put him in bad situation while giving the best services for his patrons. Since there are always new trends and offers that come along, he has to be very meticulous with the overall packaging so as avoid mishap.
In my case, I am also in constant look out for different ways I can help my husband. As a blogger, I also need to be updated for new facts about blogging and different news related to blogging.

Manny Pacquiao won over Oscar dela Hoya.

I am overjoyed.

As millions were tensed that it was a mismatch, Manny gave all he could and won the fight. It was not about height or reach or weight anymore. The fight was about the will and motivation to win.

And Manny Pacquiao won.

Bravo, Manny. You are one fearless fighter - you neither felt intimidated nor inferior to anyone not - even to a decorated, overrated man like De la Hoya.

I am one proud Filipino today.

(first 2 photos from

Because I Am A Fan

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jacket Please...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So, how did your day go? Mine is was quite full and busy. Despite rain and a cold front here in our place, my day came and went , with hands full doing the usual stuff for my family. Dreary is the right word to describe the weather today. However, that is more of a pathetic fallacy than a complete description of my day.
I woke up quite early to send off hubby to his current professional commitment. He had to be in his appointment at around 6 in the morning. Rain was quite non-stop and the cold front had elevated my colds to the highest possible level. I am like a walking clogged nose or vice versa. I might need 5.11 Tactical Jacket, it is tough enough to ward off the coldness or flu coming up!
By 7 am my eldest prepared for her school. I had to wake her, fed her heavy breakfast and after bathing and dressing up, off she went to school. Since she is such a big girl now, she went to school by herself - which happens to be five minutes away by walking.
Alone at last, I was able to browse through my mail and hopped to other blogs. Coffee kept me company with the non-stop rain outside - it was perfect for introspection.
Cleaning up the house was the first thing I did. Dusting and wiping were the tasks that needed my attention. After breakfast, I cooked food for my other girls, took my bath and got ready to leave for work. I spent breakfast with my two other girls then left them to do their own activity of choice. I left to tend to the business my siblings and I set up.
After three hours or so, I came home and had lunch with my girls then spent time with them in the house while we did some homeschooling activities.
When hubby came around six in the evening, dinner was shared while off to work I went again.

Happy birthday to my darling girl Frances Maridel.

At eleven, you are now our little lady. God bless your journey to this life.

Your Daddy and I are so blessed to have you: God-fearing, healthy, voracious reader, and respectful to others.

I pray that you live up to your name which means "free" but never forgetting the values of both your Lolas (grandmothers) Delia and Norma (thus MARiDEL) have: strength in characters and passion for a well-lived life.