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as easy as one click

Sunday, September 30, 2007

last September 23rd, my husband celebrated his 34th birthday. it also happened to be my brother-in-law's first wedding anniversary. it was already a year ago since we received that beautiful wedding invitation . I still remember how the pink, dainty wedding invitation matched the whole occasion: the pink wedding, i called it! because everything was pink!

from the pink wedding invitations, flowers to the whole wedding entourage wearing pink, the cake and even the wedding souvenirs were pink! they labored painstakingly to prepare everything in pink. but now all these preparations is as easy as one click away!
no more hassles and heavy efforts needed!

Choices. Please...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Lately, i am really into deep thoughts and introspection: should i be given choices, i would rather be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). i know many of you out there would be in great protestations about this idea of mine. but still i would choose to be home. why? one would probably ask. i have very basic answer: because home is where life-long, long-term priorities are nurtured and performed.
Yes, many will say i am earning a considerable amount enough to help meet the family's finances but financial matters are temporary issues. However, taking care of my daughters to be God-fearing, values-oriented citizens (later)and soon-to-be women of substances are more pressing than fleeting, material things.
But right now, choices are not within my reach. i am still (feels forever) dreaming of being at home when my kids arrive from school, preparing my family's clothes and beddings, my husbands home-cooked meals and all the matters that concern in making our house a home! Sigh!
But God is not a passive God. If it will really benefit my family, He will grant my prayers!

After long months of waiting and practice of patience, my husband was able to launch and officially operate his I.T. business. Wheew! The long wait is over. My patience was really put into its finest test when he was still conceptualizing the I.T. business.

It took six long months of financial sacrifices and adjustments from the family, it is here!
I pray and hope that everything will operate smoothly. Again, I am forever thankful that his and the team's effort has reached the fruits.
Now I call them real techno-preneur.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel thankful and overwhelmed with blessings received?
Today i do feel that way. Introvert that i am, it doesn't show. but deep in the recesses of my heart: grateful!

I would like to list just a few, out of the many:

1. my family is healthy and together.
2.i have a patient, loving husband who bears my idiosyncrasies. everyday, for more than ten years.
3. My God is patient with me, cause i am a work in progress.
4. no matter how simple: roof above my head, clothings on my back and food on my table are always available.
5. my article got published at Pinoy Moms Network
6. life is good and tomorrow opens door for tremendous, awesome blessings.again.

Cheers to life and blessings, galore!