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After long months of waiting and practice of patience, my husband was able to launch and officially operate his I.T. business. Wheew! The long wait is over. My patience was really put into its finest test when he was still conceptualizing the I.T. business.

It took six long months of financial sacrifices and adjustments from the family, it is here!
I pray and hope that everything will operate smoothly. Again, I am forever thankful that his and the team's effort has reached the fruits.
Now I call them real techno-preneur.

  1. Mimi September 25, 2007 at 5:31 AM  

    Congratulations on your husbands new business... I visited his Website and it looks really great...
    I am praying for the success of their business and for your patience as he gets it off the ground...
    I know it will still take a lot of work and time for him and much patience on your part...
    Again I say Congratulations