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As a person one of the hardest thing to do for me is to decide. Yes. To make one decision, it will take a long time for me to reflect and weigh the consequences of my decision, later.
As an early childhood educator, I have always known that children who were not given choices during the formative years, grow up to be NOT decision makers. But children who were given the opportunities to choose could make good decisions, and be more accountable for such decisions...

I know i am not one of those who were given much chance to choose. I do not blame my parents for this, but maybe out of consequences and the life situations (we are 8 siblings with only 2 parents)then, that's why.

As an adult and parent, decision-making comes hard for me because i have to always consider the effects of my decisions to the whole family. And the least person i think of is myself. Yes. As a mother my children's welfare comes foremost before my own. Thus, i find it hard to decide when faced with life-changing situations.
But then as a Christian, i should have the faith that God does not forsake His children, right?

But you see, i am God's work in progress... Faith that moves mountains will be given as grace.

Award! Award!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Arlene, a true sunshine, gave this award. Thanks so much and may you give more sunshine to others for life!

I am passing this to Mimi of Listen to Grammie

Thanks for being a good friend: despite distance, age difference and racial color! God bless you!

I was busy at work today. Out of the hustle and bustle of my usual day, I heard someone called from my classroom door. Then I saw a man standing by the doorway. I stared at him for a few seconds trying to decipher who he was. I couldn't, from where I was standing.

It wasn't my husband. It wasn't my one of my brothers, either. As I came nearer, i suddenly stopped dead in my tracks.


It was one of my former students. GOSH! He has grown into a man! I wasn't able to recognize him. He has grown tall and big. The last time i remembered him was, he was in my class as a preschool student. My goodness, my 5 feet 4 inches height was no match to his height. He said he came by to greet me a belated happy birthday... Wow, i almost dropped a tear when he greeted me that. After all those years (almost 8 years) he still remembered my birthday! Of all people, he was the least I expected to remember my day. But he did. He came by and greeted me.

It feels good to be people who have meaningfully came to my life. They may have left, but not necessarily forgotten me.

Nothing beats the feeling that indeed, as a teacher, I am dealing what matters in life...personal values and good memories.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

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Today, I did something which i was dying to do for many weeks: I planted 2 kinds of fruit bearing trees. It still sounds a little off to me, because I have never considered myself as an environmentalist or a person with naturalist intelligence.

However, i fulfilled what I promised myself that I would do.

I don't know, but after deep thinking and introspection I knew i needed to do my share to go back to the basic of propagating what is natural or of nature's.

Hopefully, I will be able to sustain the efforts because i liked the feeling being proactive rather than relying on others to do their share in planting trees that we all benefit from, anyway.
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I got a treat!

It is so awesome to receive treats from people who matter. Thanks to Mayi who has an inspirational blog: In A Nutshell.
Thus, to pay it forward, i am passing this to:
Ann of Me and my Angel, Rachel of My Soulful Thoughts and Midas of Midas Five

You Should Play the Guitar

You're very independent - both in spirit and in the way you learn.
You can teach yourself almost anything, even if it makes your fingers bleed.

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In my hearts of hearts, i do believe that my calling in life is not to be the career woman everyone raves to be. I tried, though, to teach in a University, a small college as instructor and now i am on my eleventh year of serving the small but progressive (in mission) school i am currently engaged with. However, most of the time i am always home: lunch breaks, right after work and on weekends. Although i have an active virtual life, i am not into social circles except for simple celebrations of close friends, family gatherings, and small group Bible sharing/meetings.

My thoughts and wants are always home, for the home and for my family. I do not know how many moms would agree with me with this. But truly, given financial freedom and choices, I WOULD RATHER BE A STAY-AT-HOME-MOM.

I do not have the freedom to choose this YET. But prayers and planning with my husband can truly help. Who knows what would happen tomorrow, anyway? I am still praying. Maybe God is teaching me many lessons now before i achieve my heart's desire. I am still molded and taught... for a greater and better role. I always have a choice to believe that God is a Wiser God than many human minds put together. He knows better.

I believe God is listening to my prayers.

In fact, one day when i was down and weary, i opened the Bible and there i read about Jesus talking to Mary the sister of Lazarus whom Jesus resurrected from the dead:

“Didn't I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”

The JOY in my LIFE

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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Last week was quite a break from my routine. I met with my long, long-time friend JOY. Joy and I have been friends since time immemorial! That is 17 years of friendship. I was still a freshman in the university when i met and befriended JOY. Now, after 3 babies for me and a post-grad degree for her ( she's single, by the way)we are still good,best of friends!!!

Over pasta and iced tea, we reminisced wonderful memories and shared tons of current events in our lives. Of course, mine was full of "mommy stories" while hers: the adventures of a single, successful career woman that she has become.
It was a very comforting time. I felt JOY's importance in my life: good trusted friends are rare, indeed. We just chatted the night away. I felt free and relaxed knowing that when i go home i would still have her ;anytime i need a real comforting friend to talk to.

What Hailey Means

H is for Hot

A is for Animated

I is for Ideal

L is for Lively

E is for Earthy

Y is for Young

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As a teacher i have met and interacted with so many students in my entire career. All colors, sizes and backgrounds - i have mingled and taught.

This morning as i was teaching my preschool class, our new Korean student came by my classroom. She was calling and calling me. Since she's still learning the command of the English language i couldn't understand her words from afar, thus i approached (nearer to) her. She lives with her aunt and uncle, her only immediate family in our country.

Since she has special needs (with speech difficulty and poor eyesight ), i told her carefully and slowly that she should get back to her classroom because recess time was over. I turned my back and left. She called me again, defective speech and all. She said: "Teacher, please hug. Give (sic) hug." With hesitations, i gave her my warm motherly hug. Then i left.

Then what surprised me was this: "Thank you, Teacher. Better. I (sic) better!" she said with the most charming smile I received which surely made my day... Isn't that heartwarming?

No language or race can barricade human affection, indeed.