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As a teacher i have met and interacted with so many students in my entire career. All colors, sizes and backgrounds - i have mingled and taught.

This morning as i was teaching my preschool class, our new Korean student came by my classroom. She was calling and calling me. Since she's still learning the command of the English language i couldn't understand her words from afar, thus i approached (nearer to) her. She lives with her aunt and uncle, her only immediate family in our country.

Since she has special needs (with speech difficulty and poor eyesight ), i told her carefully and slowly that she should get back to her classroom because recess time was over. I turned my back and left. She called me again, defective speech and all. She said: "Teacher, please hug. Give (sic) hug." With hesitations, i gave her my warm motherly hug. Then i left.

Then what surprised me was this: "Thank you, Teacher. Better. I (sic) better!" she said with the most charming smile I received which surely made my day... Isn't that heartwarming?

No language or race can barricade human affection, indeed.

  1. Mimi October 4, 2007 at 4:26 PM  

    You made one little girl feel so very much better..and so much safer.... You are a blessing in the work you do...
    I'll bet you are a wonderful teacher also...