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hey everyone! we've been around 3 beautiful towns of Laguna thru an eco-visitourism of our school. we did on-site academic activities. indeed, teaching is twice learning. and most of all we enjoyed the sites and interactions!!! i'm sharing my pictures here. have a good time browsing...

READ: Be very sure to follow protocols to conserve
and respect Mother Nature.

The oldest church in Laguna, is in Majayjay; built during 1700's...See the ferns and mosses on the edifice
? Is this a sign of fresh air?

Aliw na Aliw (entertained) in Liliw, Laguna.
who wouldn't? students did ala MTV video doc of all the shoes and sites!

Fresh, running water of Taytay Falls in Majayjay, Laguna. Who wouldn't be lured to test turbidity, water velocity, boat racing to test speed? Learning was fun and real!

Caliraya man-made Lake is a sight to behold!
Want to find out the pH level of the water in the lake? Get your pH paper!

me, myself and i am

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

mitchteryosa tagged me! thanks...thus here are a few bits from me

1. i love watching my 3 wonderful daughters kiss one another's cheeks even if they are already ages: 9, 8 and 5.
2. i am a very reflective person. i will think long and hard before opening my mouth.
3. sometimes others find me too blunt when i talk but i was brought up to the adage: honesty is the best policy. period.
4. i work full-time as an (alternative) educator but i have no helper/yaya at home for a year now. hirap!
5. i have few friends, very dull social life but with virtual life...hehe. but my family is my life and vice versa.
6. the greatest compliment i ever received as a parent is that i am raising very expressive, sociable and logical-thinking daughters.
7. i always know deep in my heart that my family is a gift from the Maker, worth nurturing, life-long...
8. i love to cook and experiment with food
9. seldom do we buy canned goods or "instant" food in our house. less preservatives means longer, healthy life....hehehe
10. i am a trying-hard blogger...for now. but willing to learn how to.
11. my next career will be photography.
12. i am married for TEN years.........bliss and blisters!
13. my husband is my best friend...
till next time....thanks and see you in blogsphere.
picture above are the products of our genetic union.
now i tag: greymom, era and lisa's eyeview.

Stay-at-Home for TODAY

Monday, July 23, 2007

today my youngest Eka and I stayed at home. she wasn't feeling well. in fact, she was feeling rotten with bouts of asthma. i nursed her today making sure she had round the clock use of the nebulizer and frequent liquid intake. she didn't eat anything solid the whole day. she had milk and water only. my poor baby was having a hard time breathing.
suddenly, i had these thoughts about homeschooling my kids. i just want them to experience the process of being educated in the context of the home, real and transforming.
but after 12 twelve years into teaching, i doubt if i have the patience and cool to teach my own children without expecting them in the level beyond their capability. i don't know but i would like to contemplate on the idea that i have an option.

passing through

Monday, July 16, 2007

we are all passing through in this life. everyone leaves the mortal life later . when? we don't know. but i am sure this life is just a prep for a bigger, more exciting and peaceful after-life! How do we prepare for the next trip?

Paging: Parents

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Parents often make things easy for their children so that they won't have to struggle. Ironically, that's what they end up doing...struggling.
LOL. i find this real, ironic and worth reflecting on. what do you think?

What do you remember of your childhood? Were you able to play taguan at 2 and half years of age, with playmates of the ages around 6 or 7 years old? Erika did, because she was already able to count 1-10 then, and comprehend the mechanics of the game.

Have you ever wondered where Jesus’ office was when you were not even 3 years old yet? Erika asked that. What age did you proclaim your foreseen career? Barely a couple of months after her second birthday, and without batting an eyelash, this girl told us, her parents, the she would be a doctor, someday.

For Erika, being techno-savvy at 2, meant booting and re-booting the PC on her own, and dragging icons onscreen using the computer mouse, with both hands. Tsk, tsk, bear in mind how small the hand of a toddler is!!!

Erika was born 7.5 lbs in weight and 46 cm long on the 1st day of the month of May 2002. Thought to be a boy, her father was prepared to name her as his junior, thus she has such name. She is the third of three girls, and was born as the 4th grandchild on her paternal side but already 9th grandchild on the maternal side.

Erika or Eka is one precocious child. She was already toilet trained, before the age of 2 years. She was singing her own birthday song on her 2nd birthday; and able to perform 3-4 different nursery songs a couple of months after turning 2. This was almost the same time she learned to play 3 varied computer games and has already abstract concepts of time (could say exact hours such as 10:30 or 4:00 but not necessarily synchronized with the actual time), distance and space (as in near or far and here or there) and an amazing sense of humor. It is amazing, because at two and a half she can play from being serious and near-tears emotional drama, she would suddenly blurt out: Joke lang!!!

Out of the blue, but with a little help from the laundry detergent TV commercial she called her parents: Tatay and Nanay. A diversified tag from the way her older sisters call their parents: which are Daddy and Mommy. At the age of two, she therefore, innovated on her own; did not conform and made a decision to be different.

Although very outspoken of her thoughts, she seldom asks questions but she questions the questions! She questions: “Why do computer icons appear at one strike of a finger?” “Where do the computer screen icons come from?” “Where do the icons go when not in use?” She asks frequently: “Why, can Barney the dinosaur character, sing when (or why) in fact he doesn’t have ears!

The most amazing part of this girl’s growth at barely three years old is she teaches herself the skills necessary to life’s survival!

First, she suddenly read a book’s cover by naming the letters of the book’s title. Thus, it was concluded that she taught herself the letters of the alphabet. Yes. She did it just by playing an interactive computer game over and over.

Second, she washes herself before bedtime, dries herself with a towel and chooses her own set of sleeping wear. Indeed, self-help skills are caught and not directly taught!

(Written for Erika May 2005)

not serious today

Sunday, July 08, 2007

i'm alone today. a very rare moment in my life. alone. silence. i don't know what to do...for the past years being alone is a rare opportunity. i can't think of anything to lay my hands on..sometimes i think i forgot how it is to be myself. tsk tsk...what do i want? what is it that i like? i am the opposite of jennifer aniston who said that she's not defined by her marriage to brad pitt. i am so defined by my family life that i feel i'm in the brink of oblivion. how do i get back to really focus on myself? how do i know that i am an individual who has to have sense of definition and individuality even if people i love define the being of my existence? it should be GOD. not the people around me, right?

i need:
time for myself
praying and silence time
develop myself as an individual
time off from routine
time off from obligations
time off to reflect