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not serious today

Sunday, July 08, 2007

i'm alone today. a very rare moment in my life. alone. silence. i don't know what to do...for the past years being alone is a rare opportunity. i can't think of anything to lay my hands on..sometimes i think i forgot how it is to be myself. tsk tsk...what do i want? what is it that i like? i am the opposite of jennifer aniston who said that she's not defined by her marriage to brad pitt. i am so defined by my family life that i feel i'm in the brink of oblivion. how do i get back to really focus on myself? how do i know that i am an individual who has to have sense of definition and individuality even if people i love define the being of my existence? it should be GOD. not the people around me, right?

i need:
time for myself
praying and silence time
develop myself as an individual
time off from routine
time off from obligations
time off to reflect