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i 've been away from my comfort zone for four days. i traveled to gen. santos city and saranggani. away from my routine and usual life, i enjoyed the hospitality of gen. san and saranggani folks. though it was work related still it was a breather! most of all it's the fresh tuna and durian that gave the time of my life. fresh tuna: panga, belly, buntot, etc. ang sarap talaga ng natural!! and the durian was unforgettable. tastes like heaven, just forget the smell...

of course i visited and took pictures of manny pacquiao's house and convenience store for i am a big fan... but he was still in the US. sayang.

  1. raqgold July 23, 2007 at 1:16 PM  

    oh, i was also in gen santos and sarangani in the 90s -- stayed even in the dole plantation! sarap talaga ng pagkain dun ano?