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6:48 Awaken by hubby with a warm hug
7:10 Woke up kids for school. Instructed them to bathe, eat breakfast of milk and cereal which my eldest (9y/o) prepared.
7:30 Off to market and bought food
7:58 Back home while hubby sends off kids to school (5-minute walk/2-minute drive)
8:35 Off to office/work
12:00 Went home for lunch and hang laundry i did the night before
1:30 Back to work
5:10 walked home with my two tweens and took late afternoon snacks while chit chatting/laughing
6:30 went out with hubby to buy rice for dinner
7:00 Tutored 2 kids in the neighborhood
8:00 came home, ate dinner with family with lots of chit chats and updating in between muches
9:00 instructed for kids bath time and house cleaning ( sweeping, wiping tables,)
10:30 washed up cause dog-tired to zzzzzzzzzzzzzleeeeeeeeeeep time!!!!

  1. Heart of Rachel September 5, 2007 at 5:00 AM  

    It's always nice to wake up to a warm embrace. :) It seems you had a very productive day.

    Thanks for visiting earlier.

  2. Mommy Chi September 10, 2007 at 12:01 PM  

    im sure that although the day was kinda tiring, the time spent with your family was worth it. :)