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Monday, August 20, 2007

it's raining again. drip. drop.
sometimes when it rains, i do have this feeling of nostalgia. or laziness. or lethargy.
in literature i think (not sure) it is called pathetic fallacy. that i feel as the weather dictates. i have my emotions as what the weather outside brings. strange. but in a tropical country like mine, the sun can sometimes bring the opposite of "sunny personality". but more often than not, the heat irritates.
back to the rain. what does the rain bring about, anyway? random in my thoughts are:
nourishment for plants
revived water cycle
clean roads and rooftops
colder wind
more feet tangled in bed, seeking warmth
bath time for birds and some insects
pollination for flowers
top soil migration
coffee brewing
hot soup to warm the soul
tea cups busy
water, water it has power.
now i will just go with the flow.
rain. rain...............
you can stay.
and come back anytime next day.