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Butterflies and Bliss!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I was in retrospective mood the other day. I was recollecting the moments when I was to become a bride . Up to now I still cherish the feeling of both anxiety and excitement of the new, unknown chapter of my life: to be a wife. It was like being in two different dimensions in one time: being single yet welcoming the feeling of being a partner to my groom, for life!

It was more than ten years ago when good friends of mine surprised me with a bridal shower . A friend made unique bridal shower invitations, simple yet truly splendid.I was totally taken aback when they came and brought different things which we all took time to talk about! Since all of them were single we were all in wonderment how married life would be like, then.

Nowadays, friends of modern brides can take advantage of truly magnificent choices that, indeed buying shower invitations has never been such a bliss! I can imagine the time, effort and money which can be saved by doing this. I still have vivid memories of my bridal shower and remembering it, is a total delight!