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Help for the Children

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I finished my University degree under a scholarship grant. Actually, all of us siblings were under scholarship grants. It was a choice that each of us maintains the scholarships by delivering good grades if not passing ones. Whew! It was not easy. It required focus and real hard work. Of course, it was for the reason that we belong to an underprivileged family. Aside from the scholarship, I did avail a lot of loans during my stay in the university. The loans helped me through different financial situations during my college days.

But do you know these days’ parents can actually have a choice to assist their children in their financial needs by availing with them a mortgage? Parents can even help their children make contributions to be able to pay the mortgages. That is team work!
More than teaching the child team work for their college or university degrees, parents are actually teaching them independence. Most parents according to this news that I read, prefer that the mortgages are also under the name of the children so as to teach them independence.
I like this idea. I like the idea that my children need not be unsure about their financial situations when they go to college. Plus this would give them more focus on their studies, right?

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