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Life's Lessons

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Many years ago, my husband and I faced very difficult financial situation. As I have blogged about it earlier, we were neck-deep with debt and amortizations. AS a young couple we did not know what to do with the situation. We were in panic where to get our resources for the payments. Plus the fact that I was not working then because I had to take care of our three young daughters ages five, four and an infant.
Aside from the never-ending bills to pay, basic needs of the young children consumed majority of our budget then. We were caught in the whirlwind of confusions then it was difficult.
Ultimately we had to sell some properties including our car to really settle our financial difficulties. Some of our gadgets had to go also like small things just to be able to settle our debts. That was a sad experience which really taught a lesson about Debt Managment Plan. Had we known there are institutions which help could help us with our situations then, I could have asked help, right?
Debt Managment Plan can truly help families know how to manage sticky financial situations. I hope it won’t happen to us again, right? It was an experience worth learning lessons from.