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The Good and Bad Stories

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometime last year, a family friend of ours was on her way to the city thru public transport. She was with her four kids to attend a birthday party of a relative. As they were crossing the pedestrian lane, a motorcycle came rushing by amid a stop sign warning. In a split second she and her youngest daughter were hit. In a split second she found herself lying flat on her stomach after slamming her head on the concrete road. Same scenario happened to her daughter. They were rushed to the hospital and stitches were done on her forehead. Sad, right?
What is the good news: there was nothing wrong with her daughter. After a few hours she was up and playing already. The bad news, however, is her case. After months of headache and pains, the doctor found a crack on her skull. According to the doctor she will heal in due time, the natural way. But for sure it has affected her life. She could not find employment for now because of the pain. However, Accident Compensation saved her financially because she has a health insurance. That made it easier to facilitate the medical expenses. Thank God, she has that!