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Positive Self-Concept

Thursday, February 07, 2008

In school today, our high school students were discussing about positive self-concept as an important defining factor of success. Do you agree? I definitely agree that self-concept affects our perception of life, in general.
The discussion boiled down to the concept that: most successful people are those who have positive self-concept and consequently confident outlook to what they can do or achieve.
Most of today’s progressive outlook recommends that: when we like ourselves or what we see when we look at the mirror, we are motivated to improve or perform on our responsibilities and then we become more productive.
And what makes us improve on our perception of ourselves? I have two things in mind: healthy lifestyle and body fitness. If we are healthy and fit, we become more fruitful in what ever task we do.
And do you know that online exercise tracking program is available in a click of the computer mouse? This online exercise tracking program can motivate us to adopt a new and healthy lifestyle.