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Changes Needed

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I visited my Mama yesterday. Of course, the chatting did not stop. Even if we see each other very often, we never ran out of stories to tell one another. Funny, because three days are is a long time for us not to see one another.
Anyway, she told me she needs to do the Concrete Workshop for the garages they have in the house. Why? I will explain so you better read on.
The other night an incident occurred. An intruder trespassed into their garage where my brother’s cars are housed. You see, my brother is into buy and sell of cars and he has one for sale now. When he came home at around one o’clock in the morning, the car cover was not in its usual place and he knew that someone tinkered with the car. He was very upset. He knew that an intruder did all these to bring havoc to his property. So now he is thinking of Concrete Workshop to secure his garages because other vehicles, of my other siblings are also housed there. He knows it is a good investment because he cannot risk the properties he has invested from his own money.
There is nothing safe anymore. It is better to renovate now than to risk the properties my brother has worked for so hard.