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Are You Seeking Someone?

Friday, February 29, 2008

If you ask any couple around about the secret formula for finding true soul mates, there are actually none prescribed, which can work for all. If there is anything that can be said which is common to all, it is the connection that one feels for another. How to find that connection is such a mystery because what works for one couple may not necessarily be the same for another.
The safest criteria to set when laying down the foundation of any relationship is the common field of experience that both persons share: values, morals and sometimes beliefs shared
These days, it is easier to look for common field of experiences for couples. Being outgoing with extensive social networking and fellowship for meeting spiritual people just like attending different gatherings, parties, events and even chatting with fellows online can lead to meeting more variety of people, thus widening one’s perspective about relationships. It is not easy to look for a perfect partner but there is really no rush in doing so. I guess what holds true is the saying or quotation which goes: you do not look for a perfect partner, but rather you work to be a perfect partner. Do you agree?

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