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Big Win

Saturday, February 02, 2008

On our way home from the supermarket, we picked up a few grocery items from my mother’s convenience store. Yes, my mother owns a small convenience store with a few items of fresh meat and vegetables. It is strategically located in a corner of our small town. Most working people, who are in a hurry to go home after 5 pm, grab or buy items from my mother’s store. After retirement, that store becomes the focus of her attention. It is a good form of therapy for her.
Anyway, my cousin spilled to me the good news; it is not something like winning the online blackjack or something: my mom won the local lottery! I was about to faint. I was picturing millions or dollar signs…
Then my cousin continued: twenty thousand pesos only! Wow…That’s about $500. Not bad, right? But had it been like bigger forms of winning such as online blackjack win; wow! That will be the day…