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Friday, February 29, 2008

Starting next month it will be a different tune of lifestyle for me. Yay! I will not be doing the same old things I have been doing since (what feels like) eternity. I will be out of my work after I would have my leave of absence approved. Hopefully, things will run as planned by me and hubby. Hopefully, I will be less grumpy and more challenged with my new arrangements.
Since a leave without pay will definitely affect our finances, I am thinking of starting a new business. I am still being definite what kind of business would it be. Of course I will do something which I like. Then, my planned business should be something that has a market niche. Aside from regular blogging, the business that I have in mind will for sure keep me busy.
Now, the next problem will be the financial capital I need, to keep the business started and rolling. I have to make sure that it will bring profits so that I can rely on the business as a source of family income.
Commercial Mortgage can truly be the source of capital. There are those which offer low interest and fast processing.
I will try it, as the start of something new.

  1. Sophiagurl February 29, 2008 at 8:07 AM  

    wow really?! I do envy you for having the courage to do this. All the best my dear! And will be looking forward to your post about your new life.