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Just A Phone Call Away

Thursday, February 07, 2008

AS I have blogged about earlier, the most important thing in our lives is relationship. To whom do we build our relationships with? For Christians there is a God-man relationship. There is a man to man or woman relationship. For other human beings, associations with their pets and families are the most important links or relationships they can ever treasure. Families from all over the world have different kinds of cultures and traditions. But what ever state they are in their lives, still the most precious ones are those with their kin. How about you what do you prefer to prioritize in life?

However, there will be no relationships with out communication. Yes, the best way to associate or relate is thru constant communication.
Parents deal with their children by constant if not open communication. Children convey their need and wants to their parents through different modes of communication: be it through direct physical interface or thru mediated ones. When family curfews are broken down or violated by the children phone lines or messages never stop. Parents worry if there are no feedbacks from children and vice versa. Children have to really be in touch with parents for guidance and support, otherwise no relationship will last longer.