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I will be home alone today. My husband is at work because he has a whole day business meeting to network his business. My kids will be joining their cousins for an outing; they will play online games in the computer shop of my siblings. They are actually excited about the idea because it is not every week that such activities happen.

I am actually waiting for the laundry woman to come. She contacted me last Monday that she will come today. However, it has been 5 hours of waiting yet she is not yet here. I assume she will not come anymore.

People are really unpredictable, right? Just like my laundry woman, she says one thing and does another. And this is not the first time that she committed such mistake. What pisses me off is she just will not say that she cannot come. She always say she will come, but she does the opposite.

  1. Pinay WAHM March 1, 2008 at 4:50 PM  

    So...did she come? Kainis yung ganon no? I hate the waiting game in anything...minor or major.

    Anyway, happy weekend. I hope you're having a great one.