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Dirt, Dirt Go away!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Have you heard of the popular but slightly rephrased line: "The hands that do the cleaning, are that hands that rule (the health) of the household?"
I giggled when I encountered this line. There is truthfulness to it, though. No matter how tiring can cleaning be most of the time, someone has to do it. Or everyone in the household suffers. Everyone claims that health is of prime importance, thus cleaning should always be done regularly.

Unfortunately, for me I am the one who is in charge of the majority of the cleaning in our own household. And mind you, I take it seriously. Here's why...

My youngest daughter has been asthmatic since the age of two. When her asthma attacks, she cannot do any activity for three to five days straight, how much more go to school. Usually, dust, molds and mildew cause her attacks to worsen. When she is down with asthma, everything around our household has to be turned over, dusted or cleaned thoroughly. Unfortunately, I am the one who has to do the task.

Cleaning is tiring at times but in our case, it has to be done on a regular basis or otherwise, my little one suffers the consequences.
So when I heard about Dirt Devil I was truly pondering of getting one. Aside from the fact that it is an Energy Star approved machine, which means it uses 70% less energy, this can be my best cleaning buddy, ever.

So what can I say?

Welcome to my home!

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