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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My husband and I earn our living, online. Other people find it strange that we get our income by being online most of the time. What is stranger for others is that we seldom leave our house and yet we can keep our household economically afloat through our earnings from online transactions. We have debunked the idea that in order to find a living, we need to follow the pattern of being stuck in eight-to-five working hours. Strange it may sound, but that is the reality of it all. It takes a total turn around or big paradigm shift, but I guess we just had it earlier than the others. Eventually, I know many will follow this trend.

We all know that most business owners advertise online these days. For many products and services to be on the top of the market, both writers and advertisers need one another. A hub like which can bring convergence to both, is needed by everyone. Not only that it can bring optimization to your site, products or services, but it is also a good place for social networking: advertisers and writers alike!

Got products, services or the like? Then log on to No doubt it will keep your online business rolling and soaring.

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