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That's what I need to be able to keep and maintain my blogs. Thus, more than just the idea of having blogs , enthusiasm and discipline to maintain them are needed. What exactly is needed for my blogs to be in tip-top shapes all the time?
1. Fresh and updated entries, consistently.
2. Bloghopping to keep updated with recent scoops from (blogger) friends and other websites.
3. Dropping entrecards to build more traffic for my blogs.
4. Returning tags, memes and comments as much as possible. After all it's for my blogs benefit and i looooveeee answering them.
5. Checking emails for blogs' updates.
6. Linking with other sites.
7. Deciphering HTML codes, which are all Greek to me.
8. Publishing, rejecting or simply updating comments.
9. Changing themes if possible.
10. Updating blogrolls.

It's no piece of cake to maintain blogs, but if you are like me and you love what you do: no sweat!

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