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Good Investments

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The word "investment" used to be very foreign to me. The word "investment" used to be very far from my concerns and interests. There are actually many reasons why this word has not been with in my concern of interest or focus.

The first and foremost reason is I did not come from a family of business-oriented people. My parents and my parents' parents were never into investments or enterprises. My parents were both from government services and my grandparents were into plants.

The second reason is because I used to have the aged paradigm that source of living or income comes from being part of the 8 hour job or workforce. Little did I know that anyone can get out of the box and dabble into businesses or invest for a better income.

However, as time went by and I grew more mature, I tried my luck on micro-enterprises and got simple financial rewards from them. Then I witnessed how my siblings grew businesses from simple investments. Just then I realized how important investments are.

Now given choices, I will really get different kinds of investments. I am willing to buy stocks and invest on properties. If I have the money, I would buy properties just like what St Thomas Real Estate offers. With prime locations and constant increasing values, I will have no second thoughts on investing on them!