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Business Minded

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What is the difference between a person with a paradigm of "creating my own wealth" through his or her own enterprises to that of someone who thinks that it is better to "be secured with an 8-hour job"? The former entails a whole lot of risk-taking and creativity, right? The latter however, brings about more traditional mentality and predictability of 'being secured as an employee". Now my question is which one would you rather be into?

My family's frame of thinking is shifting from the traditional paradigm of holding secured 8-hour job to that of "owning our enterprises" mode of thinking. It took a long time for my siblings and husband to shift into such points of views but slowly and surely it is changing. It took years of observing how my sister, who was successful with her business, brought up a small or micro-enterprise to a huge business corporation. No easy task it was, but she surely did it. Even if she started small or had her business capital from small business loan, she was able to do it on her own.

These days, my youngest brother is into such thinking: owning or creating my own wealth rather than be an employee of someone. He is willing to avail of another business loan than wait for jobs to come along. He says even if it means higher risk taking and extra hard work, it is better than just relying on someone to pay you for your skills.