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Shop Till You Drop

Monday, April 14, 2008

As an educator, I believe most of us are visual learners. We love seeing colors, shapes, sizes and movements with our sense of sight. Do you agree?
Aside from reading text we love to see pictures and animations on computer screens or televisions when we absorb new information. Thus, interactive websites and animated movies are always our favorites. The more colorful and animated the movements are, the more catchy it seems for the viewers. This is just my personal analysis, from my daily observations with people. Not to mention how I observe my students, also.
This same observation applies to most women when shopping. Women love to see new designs, new styles and trends that catch attention. It is like a feast to our eyes. Personally, i love to shop for baby clothes. With the most dainty and cute designs imaginable, baby clothes shopping is therapeutic. The lightest of colors and the smoothest of textures are best found when shopping for baby clothes.