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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I used to believe in the aged or old paradigm that enslaving myself to an 8 hour job as an employee is the only way to earn a living or be financially sound. Day in and day out, I used to bore myself to death with the job that fizzled out the creativity and excitement in me. I did not consider any personal satisfaction as foremost of my concerns. As long as I was earning, I thought I was or would be fine. That was before. That was long ago.
Recently, however, I was hooked being online most of the time. And being online frequently means being bombarded with novel ideas about how to create my own wealth. This is given the opportunities of financial gains through different opportunities available online. With this in mind, I began to realize that possibilities are endless.
Being immersed online and exposed to these ever-changing technology, I found everything as challenging and opportunities are boundless. Since fresh ideas are always being generated by more and more people, there are more choices. More choices also mean more development. Which I hope would later turn to my financial freedom.

If I reach such level then that would be the day I will avail of things I used to just dream of, like getting my own units from Toyota Corolla Virginia.

That will spell happiness.