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Am I This?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just minutes ago I was staring on our beige colored tiles. I was wondering how in the world dust could have accumulated just within hours after cleaning. I was heaving a sigh of disappointment to myself. I am just obsessed with our floor, I always need to see it sleek and clean all the time.
Then I opened this tag from Shoshana

You Are Not Messy

You're so clean, people have accused you of being a clean freak!

You like things tidy, organized, and smelling fresh.

Messes drive you crazy, especially when you didn't make them.

It's hard for you to live with a slob - or someone who leaves their dishes in the sink.

Whenever I am free I just feel I need to wipe our floor with disinfectant. I got so used to having babies around the house that I have to make sure that the floor is safe when babies crawl. Even if there are no more babies in the house, I got used to this habit.
Anyone can snag this tag!