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Paying It Forward

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I received a used car as a gift. No cash out whatsoever, no obligations and no warnings. At a drop of a hat, we have a car. Now, I have a wish to pay it forward.

Read on.

I was watching a TV show. I got struck when the host retorted: If your hands are willing to give then they are also willing to receive. I was floored and in total agreement with it. Same as when an acquaintance told me last year or so: How much you are willing to give is an indicator of how much you are also willing to receive. Therefore, if you are not willing to give, never, ever expect to receive. Logical, right?

Most of us, admittedly, are more than willing to receive. Yet, how many of us are thinking of giving first before expecting to receive?

Many moons ago, I used to be oblivious to such simple life principle. I just go on wrapped in my own self-centered universe. Lately, however, when life's blessings keep pouring in and I just got too overwhelmed by it I realized: Indeed we receive blessings for a reason. One of the reasons is to give back or pay it forward to others.
Given the opportunity or resources to share, if it is my turn to give a car I will not hesitate to get one from Manchester NH used cars and give it to someone I know who would be happy to receive like I did!