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Flowers for Mothers

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Have you heard the line which goes like : a child with "a beauty only a mother can appreciate"? or have you come across the saying that goes like:"Mothers are like fine collectibles as the years go by they increase in value." To both the aforementioned quotations, I truly agree. Mothers are the first to embrace our imperfections and as the years go by, the more valuable they become to our lives. Not just because the more head-strong we become as we get older, but because as we mature the more we realize how valuable their presence are, right?

Indeed, the world has become a better place because of our mothers. It is not because I am a mother myself, but because I can not imagine how life would be with out mothers; how much more without my own mother. The world would such be a bleak, gloomy and dry place without the smiles and affections of the mothers. Thus, it is but fitting and right to give our mothers the perfect mother's day gifts We should find the time at least once in a year to show respect or love to the women who nurtured the greatest people who shaped our world: our mothers. Whatever kind or qualities our mothers have, they will always be our mothers. And they deserve whatever gestures of love we can show to them.

In retrospect, do you know that there is one day in our calendar which is officially for mothers? Mother’s Day became an official holiday in 1914 when—thanks to the urging of Anna Jarvis—President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday in May as a day for honoring mothers. It has become a tradition that we give flowers for mothers during this day. Carnation has been the traditional flowers given to mothers. In our modern times, any flower will do actually, as long as there is the thought of giving that counts.

However, these days there are more than just flowers that are given to mothers on this day. Variety has become the kay. There is actually a whole range of choices which can be given as mothers day baskets: from bags of goodies or candies, spa products, home or garden tools, or anything suited for the personality or choices of the mothers. Like what they say: different folks, different strokes.

The most important thing is that we remember them during this special day!