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Lost can be Found

Monday, March 31, 2008

How can - A Great Place for Search help people online? Read this story of mine then you will know how.

Many months ago, a friend of mine was searching for me. She was trying her best to stay in touch with all our high school friends. Since she is based in the U.S. now, but most of us remained locally, she wanted to stay in-touch through on-line access. Thus, she searched high and low for different classmates and friends. Finally, after months of trying really hard, trial and errors, failed attempts she finally found me online. She was so happy. Thus she e-mailed me right away! From that day on we have been in touch with one another constantly. Isn't that wonderful? Just in one click of a finger people can be searched and information can be downloaded.
I was just thinking recently, remember those fanatic people who will really extend so much effort to look for information regarding their favorite artists or celebrities? They can very well log online and get their information instantly, hassle-free.

That is the advantage of the wired world, right? People need not brave distances and waste time to search for people anywhere in the world.

  1. Marie Grace March 31, 2008 at 9:42 PM  

    thanks for hopping by... i love alicia keys... NO one, no one...aaaannn....goodnight!