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Looking Forward

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am looking forward to the day i will really be off from work. Yay!. There are already so many things to do that i have lined up. The feeling of excitement is just bursting inside me.
My youngest actually is the one who looks forward to this decision that i have made. She said she can play with me more frequently. She plans to go on biking all day long and that i have to watch how she bikes. In fact, she said i should always be beside her the moment i am off from work.
Here are a few things i plan to do:
clean the house to the highest level, learn html/coding, cook recipes which are not ordinary, read more, surf more, put up an online business, update my kitchen utensils, and many others! This may sound utterly boring for others, but not for me. I want to be where my heart is: home. See you around!