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I am Tagged!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Arlene, a blogger friend of mine tagged me with this. Finally, i will be able to tag along because i have my laptop now. Yaahuuuuuuuu! So here it goes:

I AM...thinnest among 8 siblings of mine (my weight now is 118 lbs. with 5'4" after having 3 kids)

I WANT...a vacation.

I HAVE...three smart daughters.

I travel more.

I HATE...people who brag about what they have or know.

I FEAR...driving.

I SEARCH...everything online.

I i will die.

I REGRET...not pursuing my Master's degree (units only).

I husband to the highest level!

I ALWAYS...spend time at home and with family.


I DANCE..when happy

I SING...only when at home.

I CRY...over disappointments.

I WRITE...very frequently.

I WON...eternal life because Jesus died on the cross for my sins.(same with Arlene)

I AM CONFUSED...with Math.

I have a break.

I thankful for all the graces i have daily.

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS...what does God think of me?

Now, let me tag Juliana and Liza