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Everything is Fast

Saturday, January 26, 2008

What is injected constantly into the minds of the people today is: everything can be achieved in an instant. Yes, almost everything today is about spontaneity and fast paced. There is no room for waiting for anyone anymore. How? Read on…
Food is mixed and cooked in a minute. The fast food revolution is so on the roll… and such a hit! Drinks are packaged and available in all kinds of flavors and packs, and can gratify anyone in minutes. House works are done with ease because of high technology or devices.
We receive mails in split seconds. Conversation with diverse people from all walks of life in different parts of the world regardless of time can be done in matter of minutes. We can play on-line games and view videos instantly. There are so many opportunities to do over the internet that the concept of waiting and the virtue of patience can be someday extinct in the human race. Do you think so?
Everything is instant! Money is received in minutes through on-line banking or automated teller machines (ATM) for salaries, cash advance loans, on-line payments, etc. Text messages are sent and received by every person…What else in there to wait for?