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Character? OR Car-racter?

Friday, January 25, 2008

I feel nostalgic every time I vividly visualize our family’s first car. It was a Toyota. Fiery red was the color and we called her Apples. It was a nice car and did not give us much headache, even up to the time when we had to let go of it. I loved that car. But sudden financial need forced us to sell Apples. Too bad.

After one year, without the red car, I could still feel the longing for a new car. Our kids had to re-adjust: having no private transportation for our family’s days out.

We waited for the chance to have a new one. And that day came! A car came to our lives: FOR FREE! Yes! Imagine how we welcomed the blessing with wide, open arms. And the best news is, it came to us for free! Now we call her: BLESSY. Why? Because the car is definitely a blessing! A kind, most generous soul, who is my sister, gave us a car.

You may be saying it’s just a car, but truly it gave us refining of character. It gave us humility in waiting and being able to re-think how to be good stewards of our resources. Lesson is: if it can be controlled, we will never allow such financial havoc in the future, again. Another lesson learned: blessings come in huge packages!

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