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I lost my father when I barely nineteen years old. Sad but true.

I did not know at first that he died due to a bullet wound. I was away in the University earning my degree.

Being fourth in the brood of eight kids, I felt the blow and had the awareness of the loss.
Lucky me, I was able to spend my nineteen years with him. My youngest brother was only 9 years old then. He was barely aware of what was happening. He remembers the event, though. Now that he is 26, he spent most of his life with my mother.

The loss made me be aware how precious life is. It made me step back and prioritize relationships and cherish them as life-long treasure.

Cliche it may sound but it made me treasure more those people who matter to me. Most may not love me back or even value how I value them, but I will love them nonetheless.
Life after all is fleeting. Now you have arms that hold you, tomorrow you may not.

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