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Are you a Brosix IM Client? Have you tried this new technology?

We are trying to research on this new technology. News has it that Brosix has increased its customers three times in the last twelve months. We are not yet new customers of this but definitely will do our part in trying to investigate how this new technology has increased in the number of customers despite lopsided economy.

My husband is an I.T. professional and web designer also. He likes to learn new things about technology. It is very natural for him to read technical manual and programming languages books every day. Maybe he has heard of this. Maybe during one of his lectures to his classes or students he has already mentioned this topic. Since it safe, secure and updated I am sure he likes his students to explore this new technology. If he finds this really reliable he will surely recommend it to his colleagues or even his students.

Aside from the fact that he is a practitioner of the I.T industry, he is also taking up his Masteral Degree in I.T. so one of these days, I am sure he will encounter this new technology.