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No matter how I deny it, Greek literature was one of my best subjects during my university years. It is not because I was obsessed with the Greeks. It did not start that way. It, however, ended almost that way. Blame it on my literature professor.

How did it happen? Let me count the ways.

First reason - she was animated. She moved and walked and talked non-stop while flailing her arms to all directions. Our eyes darted back and forth all through out the sessions. It was no 3D animation, it was a live one.

Second reason - she used vivid words. She enunciated adjectives to describe story characters as if Achilles or Hector were right next to my seat. She could make us believe that the gods and goddesses were alive and kicking.

Third reason - she was herself a voracious reader.

And there was not a dull moment.

Had I been given the chance, I could have taken another course under her tutelage. However, she left the university. Right now I have no idea where she transferred. But truly she mentored me how to love reading and the pleasures that come with it.

Well, let me try researching for her whereabouts. It wouldn't hurt to thank her for being such a good example or mentor, right?
Let me try using MyLife.


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  1. Liz October 18, 2009 at 6:52 PM  

    HI Hails! Hope you had a fun and safe weekend. :)