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Been busy lately. Hours of the day seem to pass by unknowingly. Have you felt that?
I always leave the house around mid-day for the past two weeks. My little one keeps on asking why she is always being left behind for the last fourteen days. She keeps on inquiring about the reason why I have to go out of the house. You see, she is not used to me leaving her behind for the last 6 months.I keep on explaining to her that I need to help out in the business my siblings and I put up. And that the business is also for her well-being. Eventually, she will understand. I bet she just needs time.

No. I am not a major stockholder of the new business. In fact, how I wish I am one. But the fact that I was included in the line-up is more than enough to be grateful for. My siblings are so good, they wanted me to be part of the business even if I do not have that much financial resources to speak of. All eight of us (siblings) are part of the new venture. With much prayer and real hard work I know it will soon prosper.

On another light, Inner 8 is the newest online business worth trying. It is such a formidable one on the beta stage. For those who are online constantly, I bet there's no more time to lose. Visit the site and you will surely be given a good break.