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my legs.

after carrying myself for 35 years and three babies in succession: veined

1. What is your idea of a perfect relaxing day?
Beach. Sand. Massage.

Bonfire at night, perhaps. Me, clad in a two-piece swimsuit! (Dream on...)

2. Your first real boyfriend/girlfriend,… do you look back fondly or do you get the shudders? Where are they today?

He is my ever handsome hubby now...

3. What was your favorite subject in school?

Social Studies, I g0t 98 on my card for this.

4. What is your favorite show on TV? Favorite book? Favorite song?

TV Show: House M.D.

Book: Love Story by Erich Segal (old, baby)

Song: I so loooove oldies.

5. My husband’s only real competition is Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. Who is your celebrity crush?

There is no one for me but Brad Pitt.

6. Since I got my first gray hair at 16, Miss Clairol and her friends are my close, personal friends! What about you? To dye or not to dye the hair? If so, what color is your natural hair (if you remember!) and what color do you dye it?

I have never ever dyed my hair. It is jet black and long.

Wanna join? Here.

  1. Nancy October 13, 2008 at 3:43 AM  

    Hello here Hailey...hmm..parang komportableng-komportableng upo natin,!

  2. KCee October 13, 2008 at 11:51 AM  

    Hello Hails!

    I've already moved to a new domain. Kindly update my link to

    Hope you can also add my new blog 'In My Red Heels'- to your blogroll. I've already linked you up there.

    Thanks have a great week! :)

    P.S. nice pair of legs! ^^

  3. Pastilan October 13, 2008 at 8:01 PM  

    wow, looks sexy :P