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As I turn 35 this month, I have been thinking long and deep. Should I shift careers from teaching to something else, I badly need to decide which path. Or else I will find it too late to shift from my 12 year teaching career to something more interesting or financially rewarding. It is difficult to think that what has transpired for the last twelve years in my professional life will just be part of history. However, I do not like to be stuck with something or with a superior which makes me miserably unhappy. I have to move out or forever dwell in my misery.

Moreover, having three kids and never-ending bills coming, I have to help my husband with our finances also. It is a fact of life that one has to work for his or her own keeps, otherwise debt collection will be constant in our household. As the kids grow older, the needs are also expanding. It is a blessing that our kids are so used to living frugally, that they do not ask for material things constantly. Had it been the other way around, I would not know what to do.

Decision-making is truly not an easy task, especially if lives depend on me.