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Arlene, thanks for this tag. As a seasoned educator, i will answer this based from almost 14 years of teaching experience.

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Do you have kids?

Three girls!

How old are they?

- 10, 9 and 6

What do you think is the ideal age for the kids to be sent to school?

5 is the best time because this is the age when the child has more or less formed a self-concept from the nurturing of the home. Independence can be taught as well as self-help skills are present already.

Would you consider sending your 3-year-old toddler to school?

No. Especially not in the traditional schools where paper-pencil and teachers' chalk-talk happen.
This way is another word for PUNISHING the child! Three-year-old toddlers do not even know what school is.

Explain your reasons.
Is there any other reason why they should be in school at this early age? I believe none. Nothing, really. Before the age of five, kids are usually immersed in parallel play and less of collaborative play or involvement in social circles.

It is the parents who want them to be cognitively advanced, sociable and all those things; which can sometimes be a pressure on the part of the kids. In reality , kids should be playing , be more free , exploring and having fun in the most unstructured way under the nurturing parents, not in the pressured, competitive and skills-driven environment.

After all they will be children only once, so why force them in an adult world?

  1. arlene September 24, 2008 at 6:47 PM  

    hi Hails, i like your idea. we got the same when i see screaming 3 year old kids forced to be left in school.