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Works for Me

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is it bad to think unlike others do? Is it wrong to be out of the mold, rather than just be a face in the multitude? I do not have the answers right now. There are many times, however, that I think I am a non-conformist when it comes to some of life's paradigm. I so not say that it brings me riches and glory for being so. No. It is just that I am simply out of the bend or curve.
Let me be more specific in explaining this point.

When it comes to rearing my children I take the unconventional route. First, I let them answer back in the middle of arguments. No matter how unintelligible their words are in between sobs, I let them do the talking.I think it is better than letting them bury their hurts.

Second, I let them explore things the like to do. Messy house means busy people doing their own things. I do not let the mess trouble me. Books are everywhere, papers are accessible and toys are in every corner of the house. These things have to be done now or else they will be out of the house sooner than I expected.

Third, I chose to educate them in the most non-traditional way. Believe me, for 8 years there were no textbooks and workbooks. There were only story books and a few worksheets.It worked. Now they appear to be "not bored" with text and reads anything they get their hands into. There were lots and lots of projects, experiments, discoveries and discussions that went along.

Guess, when they grow older we will take the unusual route and enroll to something like what Nouveau Riche University offers. At Nouveau Riche University they will be free to decide how to do their own program in the most convenient way. Nouveau Riche University will give my kids the freedom to choose their career path to create wealth rather than be boxed into something they are not.