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My eldest daughter is just 10 years old. She just turned 10 last December.
She goes to 6th Grade. Quite young, right? Consequently, next year at eleven, she will be in high school.

In fact, if she continues schooling she will finish her University degree at 18.

Young as she is for her Grade level and classmates, she can cope with the academic requirements of the school and in fact gets to have the highest scores at times. Not bad, right? Being the youngest in the class she has her own "emotional and social issues" with her classmates; them being around twelve or eleven already.
Yesterday she told me that the boys in her class have been teasing and pestering him since the classes started. There were already crying spells and she admits that she gets bothered by the boys and their teasing.

I have yet to figure out how to be very cool and collected to address this issue.
My patience is wearing out too.

Got suggestions?
Still a newbie when it comes to these issues...

  1. marie July 10, 2008 at 3:04 AM  

    Oh same with my youngest grandkid Keren. She's turning 9 next monthand now in 5th Grade at O.B. Montessori Sta. Ana. Same thing happenedlast year before shestransferred to O.B. from St. Mary's. There was even a point when a boy classmate bullied her and telling her she belongs to the Grade I class and so I requested a meeting with the Guidance Counsellor with the little boy around. Ayun, the boy was there crying. I'm thankful that there's no problem with her classmates now.Siya na din ang baby ng class and good to say that she's so smart as well like your daughter.
    Pakita ka kaya sa school at takutin sila para magtanda yang mga inngit na mga batang yan.

  2. Bong (JB) July 10, 2008 at 4:20 AM  

    When our elder child was 6, she got bullied in school too, by a boy. Images of me wringing the boy's neck and then pounding his father's face into a bloody pulp for not disciplining his kid flashed before my eyes. :D

    But neanderthal instincts took a back seat to the social complexities of a modern life so we instead reported the incident to the teacher.

    The boy was called to a conference where he tried to deny the incident but crumbled in the face of overwhelming evidence. It also helped that other kids chorused that he was indeed a naugthy kid. In other words, the bully got bullied by a mob.

    He never bullied our daugther after that.

    Still, grunting and swinging a big stick looked like an attractive option back then :)