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Wanted: Mommy Bloggers

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mommies are great people. I swear!

Not just because I am one of them, but because they truly are sources of limitless love.

Why? Let me count the ways...

They love unconditionally. Which means there are no if's or buts included, they just love. Period.

Kisses and touches are like first aid kits to mend wounded knees and scraped elbows. Trust me I am a living proof.

Mommies understand what sacrifices mean. We know that truly, "sacrifice" is more than just a word in the dictionary.

Sleepless nights and tiredness are no match for the workload that await Mommies the following day.

Day in and day out, Mommies love for runny noses and tear-filled eyes will never fail.

Mommies are kids' greatest fan and the best hired photographers for every move and motions their kids make. Rain or shine, fireworks or none, Mommies will take pictures and keep albums from births to wedding days.

From first to last alley of the supermarkets, Mommies will scour for the most nutritious, most delicious and cheapest food their kids can ever have to grow healthy and strong despite the fact that no one looks or checks that they are doing so.

Most of all, Mommies are willing to put down their power suits and stilettos in exchange for maternity dresses and sneakers just to make sure that babies grow up as responsible adults later.

And right now, those Mommies who chose to stay at home to be with their kids are the best bloggers this world can ever have! Truly, madly, I believe I am one of them. So for Mommies like me who chose to stay home with my kids while waiting for them to be big enough to be on their own: let's blog! It is not just our families who want us but also SocialSpark.

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  1. FRANCINE July 10, 2008 at 1:41 PM  

    wow congrats for this still waiting to have this oppp too and hoping to have it tomorrow as i'll be travelling