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It has been a boring week for me but definitely a domesticated one. I seem to be doing the laundry endlessly, yet the laundry baskets never get empty. Or do they?
My mood swings have been constant and i just hate it when it affects the girls. I just can't help but snap or raise my voice more frequent than necessary.
It has been four months since I took my leave of absence from work and still I have not felt that rest I need to make. Chores never stop. Household issues and concerns keep cropping up. Dishes keep on piling and dust never seems to leave the house no matter how I clean up. I do not know how to say it but I know sooner I have to make life-changing decisions which hopefully will give long-term positive effect to everyone in the household.

For now, I just found out I am a spoon.

You Are a Spoon

You are a well rounded, balanced person.

You are friendly and welcoming. You get along with everyone.

You are easy going and laid back. You don't have any hang ups.

Non judgmental and accepting, you are a comfort to people around you.

This survey reminds me that hours from now, dirty dishes have to be washed again, again and again.

  1. HiPnCooLMoMMa July 12, 2008 at 2:36 AM  

    it's hard to be doing things all by yourself, parang endless talaga. Don't you have a helper at home?